Join the PTA

The Parent Teacher Association IES Kista works to support the students’ best
interest through their education at IES Kista. It’s the parents and the school who
together make sure all students get the best possibilities, every day.

The PTA IES Kista is it’s own independent organisation. We work together with
the school to create activities and events that benefit all students at IES Kista.
Our biggest fundraising event is the International Food Court in conjunction with
Kistaloppet. We also support the students and the school with bake sales at Open
Mic, discos and other events during the school year.

All parents and guardians to IES Kista students are encouraged to join the PTA
and support our activities. You can support us by becoming a paying member,
assist with donations of baked goods, organise a particular event or come with
your own suggestion.

The annual membership fee is 100 kr / family and is payable to our bank account
8327-9, 694 059 652-8 (Swedbank) or SWISH 123 123 64 54. Include your name and student name(s) in the message portion of your payment.

More information about the PTA can be found at our website: 
The PTA IES Kista also has a Facebook group:
You can also e-mail the PTA with your contact information if you wish to join.
Our e-mail address:

Please join us!