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Grace, Cecilia and Zainab, 3 talented and ambitious students in year 4 have started a newspaper dedicated to their grade - Ny är 4. We interviewed these aspiring young journalists, this is what they had to say.

Cecilia, Zainab and Grace

Whose idea was it to start a website?

It started with us making bookmarks for our grade which represented our houses. Then when they liked it so much we thought about what else we can do, this is when our school librarian helped them make the newspaper. We used real newspaper as our inspiration for articles and how to lay out the newspaper.

Who is responsible for what in the team?

Cecilia - is responsible for the DIY and drawing the pictures. Grace - writes the articles and does the 'happy time' word search. Zainab - does the interviews, writes the content is responsible for the baking section.

What careers do you want to be when you are grown up?

Cecilia - Engineer or a doctor, Grace - violinist or a violin instructor, Zainab - Business person or a journalist

What do your parents think about your newspaper?

They love it and they are very proud! They are able to get information about the school and our life in year 4 before it is published on schoolsoft. 

Will you keep doing this in grade 5?

Definitely YES! we want to grow this newspaper much bigger and better for the whole school to see not just our grade.  

Kistaloppet & International Food Court 22 September 2018

IES Kista and the PTA IES Kista invite all students and their families to participate in a day of fun, eating good food, running or walking Kistaloppet while raising funds for future events for the IES Kista students on Saturday 22 September.
The International Food Court will be open 11:00-14:00 at school. There will be a lots of food and baked goods for sale.

Times for Kistaloppet can be found on
You can still sign up for Kistaloppet and/or sign up to donate a cultural dish to the
food court. Enclosed is the form to sign up if you haven´t received it, or please log on to SchoolSoft to find the form.

Even if you do not bake or run, you are more than welcome to hang out with your
family and schoolmates! Bring your parents, grandparents and siblings together for a fun day together!

All welcome!

 Kistaloppet & International Food Court 2017
Runners enjoying the food after the race


From the Principal

Accessible Education Team Videos

Dear all,

Our Accessible Education Team here at IES Kista have been working hard over the summer and during the start of the term to make sure that our processes for support and assessment of student needs are done with quality and makes us catch, see and help students who need different approaches to be able to access the content taught in class. Below you can see some videos of who they are and what they do.


What we do:

How Accessible Education works at IES Kista:



Mr Ö. Huhta


Student Work

IES Kista on SoundCloud


Here are some of the wonderful original compositions that were recorded last term. Please take some time to listen and I hope you will be impressed by the level of musicianship these students have shown. 

Any donations will go to the PTA and will be distributed through various activities supported by the PTA.

PTA Swish Number 1231236454


Mr Brown

Music Teacher

From the Principal

A new school year has begun!

Dear Students and Parents,

The school year has now begun and as seen above we were ready to welcome our new and returning students to our school this Monday morning. The lines were long and full of excited students. Our first few days have been really good and we have enjoyed getting to know some of our new students as well as seeing how much our returning students have grown during the summer.

Principal Mr. M. Östling Huhta and Assistant Principal Mr. M. Dunnell

Please remember the Parent Evenings on September 3rd (Year 4-6) and 4th (7-9) at 5.45 PM to 7 PM. On the photo above you can see our new Assistant Principal for Student Care, Mr Mark Dunnell, who will assist me and Ms Martin, Assistant Principal for Academics, in creating an outstanding school in Kista.

Year 4 students lining up ready for a new school year. 

The IES Kista team are looking forward to an academic year full of learning, development and strong relationships leading to a successful school were students are proud to study!


Your Principal,

Mr Ö. Huhta