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Team Kista Talk: Cognitive Overload

Team Kista Talk: Cognitive Overload

Can your brain get too full?

In this week's Team Kista Talk, Mr Östling Huhta explains how cognitive load - and cognitive overload - affect your working memory.

You can see the video here, or watch it directly on our Instagram account, @iesk.kista

School Clothes Now Available

School Clothes 2020

The webshop is now open for IES Kista families! Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there will unfortunately be no chance to try on the clothes at school, but sizing information is available on the website.

The deadline to order is Monday 28 September 2020. Orders will be delivered to the school in week 45. 


Nu kan ni beställa skolkläder på webbutiken! 

På grund av Covid-19 kan vi tyvärr inte erbjuda provkläder på skolan. I webbshoppen finns måttabeller samt tips och råd om storlekar.

Sista beställningsdag är måndagen 28 september 2020. Beställningar levereras till skolan under vecka 45.

Student Work

Learning DNA through Origami

DNA Origami

In Science year five students have been learning about DNA with some help from origami.

By using paper folding students can visualize the DNA structures and this helps them to understand.

Science teacher Mr Houpt, who is the brains behind the DNA origami project, said: "It can be difficult for students to picture and find patterns."  

"Students with origami can see the shape and relate it to something they saw.  Students can also begin to relate that certain "letters" (bases) are always paired up.  It's all about year 5  seeing not just believing in the shapes and patterns found in science."

DNA Origami



From the Principal

Team Kista Talk and how we deal with the effects of potential right-wing demonstrations in our area

Team Kista Talk and how we deal with the effects of potential right-wing demonstrations in our area

Dear all,

As you all may know there has been applications submitted to demonstrate from far-right extremist groups in neighborhoods around our school but not directly in Kista. Besides being a display of horrible ideas and values, this can also be very dangerous when these groups collide or fight with anti-racist demonstrators. Therefore the school will keep its doors fully closed and we have increased staff presence around the main entrance throughout the day and on Monday as well to take care of any follow up or concern from students or parents.

On a more positive note, the second Team Kista Talk on the brain and memory is being published today.

You can find it here!

Your Principal,

Mr Ö. Huhta

From the Principal

Team Kista Talk is back!

Team Kista Talk is back!

Dear all,

Season 2 of Team Kista Talk has now started. This year we will focus on the brain and how it works in relation to learning and memory. The sessions will follow a similar format to last year and the aim is to have one session a week shared with students, staff and parents.


Here is the link to the first session!


Mikael Ö. Huhta

Principal IES Kista