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From the Principal

Anti-Bullying Week

Dear all,

Last week we had Anti-Bullying Week at IES Kista. On the Monday, me and Mr Adriasola, our core values facilitator and SO-teacher led lectures for all classes from 4-9 on the issue of bullying and how the school deals with it. Below you can see our target for all students and staff in regards to our work in this field.

Our goal is that you feel:

Happy coming to school.

Safe being in school.

Treated with dignity and respect by all people at the school.

That is why we actively work with and through our anti-bullying plan which stipulates how this should be achieved for all who study and work at IES Kista. 

Vårt mål är att du ska känna:

dig glad när du är på skolan.

dig trygg när du är på skolan.

att du bemöts med respekt och värdighet av alla när du är på skolan.

Vi jobbar därför aktivt med vår plan mot kränkande behandling som är en plan på hur vi ska uppnå detta för alla som studerar och jobbar på vår skola.

A safe and calm environment is a pre-requisite for  high quality learning and a must-have in any successful school!


Best Regards,

Mr M. Ö Huhta

Principal IES Kista

From the Principal

Accessible Education Team Videos

Dear all,

Our Accessible Education Team here at IES Kista have been working hard over the summer and during the start of the term to make sure that our processes for support and assessment of student needs are done with quality and makes us catch, see and help students who need different approaches to be able to access the content taught in class. Below you can see some videos of who they are and what they do.


What we do:

How Accessible Education works at IES Kista:



Mr Ö. Huhta


From the Principal

A new school year has begun!

Dear Students and Parents,

The school year has now begun and as seen above we were ready to welcome our new and returning students to our school this Monday morning. The lines were long and full of excited students. Our first few days have been really good and we have enjoyed getting to know some of our new students as well as seeing how much our returning students have grown during the summer.

Principal Mr. M. Östling Huhta and Assistant Principal Mr. M. Dunnell

Please remember the Parent Evenings on September 3rd (Year 4-6) and 4th (7-9) at 5.45 PM to 7 PM. On the photo above you can see our new Assistant Principal for Student Care, Mr Mark Dunnell, who will assist me and Ms Martin, Assistant Principal for Academics, in creating an outstanding school in Kista.

Year 4 students lining up ready for a new school year. 

The IES Kista team are looking forward to an academic year full of learning, development and strong relationships leading to a successful school were students are proud to study!


Your Principal,

Mr Ö. Huhta

IES Kista hosted a Six Country STEAM Project for Learning Through Technology

Vincent Villanueva and classmates working with robots during the STEAM project

Students from six European countries came to Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista for a week of learning through technology.

IES Kista is part of the Erasmus STEAM Embassies project and welcomed teachers and children from Turkey, Ireland, Romania, Latvia and Italy, who are collaborating to share their technology curriculum as the students all learn together.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, with the six schools taking part are focussing on the different areas.

The focus during the week at IES Kista was on technology, with students taking part in workshops and a science fair. Students also learnt about Scratch and Microbit programming as well as 3D printing.

Vincent Villanueva of class 7C at IES Kista said: “I am very glad that I took part in this project, it has been beneficial. Meeting people from other countries is interesting because they have a different way of learning. You get to teach them about your country and they teach you about theirs, it is an exchange of knowledge. The most interesting thing about any country is how it differs from yours.

“I have done a lot of coding and 3D printing. 3D printing is fun, it looks like the shapes will only exist in your computer, but when you print it out it is real and tangible.”

Carl-Johan Agebratt (pictured right, third from left) of class 8C at IES Kista also took part in the project. He said: “I have learnt a lot of things, with different points of view. I thought it would be about chemistry labs and white coats and not necessarily that I would meet a lot of interesting new people.

“When we went to Turkey we had a language barrier, because not many people knew English, so we had a barrier to cross or go around by pointing at things and using Google translate and having faith in each other.”

Students from other countries who came to visit IES Kista enjoyed their stay at the school and the chance to learn more about technology, as well as about life in Sweden.

Andreea Mogosanu from Romania said: “It is great here, they have a lot of new things that we don’t have in Romania. I like to see other countries, I can make new friends and try my English with others. I can explore the culture of other countries, how everything works in schools.

“I learned how to make programmes and how to work with new inventions, it could be good for a future career, I would like to do something that involves technology and maths.”

IES Kista welcomed visitors from five other international schools during the STEAM project

Curtis Nolan (above, second from right), 11, visited IES Kista from Ireland.  He said: “Everybody is so different, but also the same, everyone has their own cultural and religious ways.  I enjoyed 3D printing, I like maths and code.  Making new things and having them appear in front of your eyes is rewarding.”

IES Kista’s Head of Science, Mr Joshua Houpt, said: “The visiting kids learned more about science and technology, and also have lived in another country for a week.

“When IES Kista visited the school taking part from Turkey the students stayed with host families, so they got to experience what life and education are like in that country, and to get a different perspective on the world. By the end of the week they were drinking Turkish tea with the family and communicating in English.”

Students from the various countries, including those from IES Kista, will meet again in Ireland in June for the next stage of the project.

Year 7 giving back


"Students from 7D visited an elderly home near by and the school provided roses, cakes and cookies for the elderly people living their. 7D students without any exception showed great manners during this trip. They also showed a great respect and deep compassion towards the residents that we visited. They were very touched and thankful for our visit. Thanks to your kids who made this trip a success!"