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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

On the 17th of October IES Kista hosted the Internationella Engelska Skolan annual general meeting, the AGM, a true honour. To commemorate the honour, the red carpet was laid out in front of the main entrance, giving the event a touch of flare. Several members of the head office attended the meeting, amongst others Mr. Åkerman, CFO and acting CEO, Ms. Dohman, Deputy CFO, Mr. Stenquist, vice CEO and Mr. Hännel, IR relations. Also represented on the AGM was Vinge juristbyrå, the companys law representatives.

The AGM was hosted in the auditorium here at IES Kista and Mr. Åkerman, the CFO and acting CEO estimates that the AGM was attended by some 40 shareholders, including the founder of the company, Ms. Barbara Bergstrom, as well as Mr. Bergstrom.

Mrs. Barbara Bergstrom with AGM attendees

As the visitors of the AGM entered the school they were greeted by student representatives of the welcoming committee; Chrishell, Sheila, Isac, Leonard, Samuel and Alexandra, all students of 9D here at IES Kista. They all contributed to the professional and welcoming atmosphere that greeted the visitors of the AGM.

Students of 9D

The AGM was a great success and the Principal of IES Kista would like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff of IES Kista and the students of the welcoming committee for making the AGM the success that it was, and IES Kista is already looking forward to the next AGM.

IES KISTA 2017-2018

Autumn Term 2017

Term starts: 16th August

School photographs: 18th - 20th September. Two other days to be arranged.

Study days for students: 21st - 22nd September.

Study day: 12th October.

Autumn Holiday: 30th October – 3rd

November. Sports Day: 29th November.

Last day of term: 22nd December.


Spring Term 2018

Term starts: 10th January

Sports week: 26th February – 2nd March

Easter holiday: 3rd – 6th April

Study day: 12th April May holiday: 30th April – 1st May

“Kristi Himmelsfärdsdag”: 10th – 11th May

National day: 6th June

Last day of term: 12th June


From the Principal

IES Kista hosts IES Academics Conference

IES Kista hosts IES Academics Conference

Being an excellent and well-situated venue, IES Kista hosted a two-day Academics Conference on the 7th and 8th September.

The conference's main focus was the importance of grit to achieve success and enhance academic and life performance.

Grit as an academics success-related concept is becoming increasingly important in a rapidly changing, digitalised a-click-away world. The aim is to show students the significance of perseverance, determination and tenacity in order to overcome difficulties, deal with setbacks as well as how approach new challenges by using existing knowledge and skills by applying them to new situations and contexts.


The other main topic at the conference was how to build on present strength so as to make IES schools even more successful academically speaking. Accurate recruitment, hiring and professional development in middle management is considered to be a key factor.

The outcome was was highly satisfactory and the conference was attended by some 90 people involved in academics at IES - mainly Principals and Assistant Principals -  and by key people from the Head Office.

From the Principal

IES Kista, a global community of excellence!

Internationella Engelska Skolan offers a unique learning experience, where both English and Swedish are taught and spoken to ensure students are bilingual at the end of Grade 9. IES Kista is a global community focusing on excellence in all areas. 41 Languages are taught as home languages and we have 47 languages spoken across the student body. Our teaching staff hail from 15 different countries.

Kista, MasterChef Cookalong
IES Kista, Lilla Nobelpriset competitors

We are proud to announce that IES Kista will be expanding once again in the 2017 – 2018 academic year. We continue to be the school of choice in the greater community with students from 12 different municipalities enrolled. The majority of our students come from Kista, Spånga, Skärholmen, Sollentuna and Järfälla. Demand for places at our school continues to increase and as of today we have over 4500 students waiting for a place, with 1500 new applicants joining in the last 10 months. For this reason, in August 2017, we have decided to expand the school from 25 classes and 770 students to 30 classes and 900 students.

IES Kista, MasterChef Cookalong

Our diverse staff reflects global excellence. With the expansion of our school community, we will be recruiting experienced teachers to join our diverse team of Swedish and international staff from 15 different countries. Our global recruitment drive intends to attract 16 new members of staff.




From the Principal

MasterChef Cookalong at IES Kista

Yesterday, on the 23rd of January, IES Kista had the honour of being visited by Sandra Mastio, the 2015 winner of Swedish MasterChef. Along with selected students from grade 8, she cooked a meal that combined healthy with popular: fish and tacos. Our school had specifically been chosen due to our MSC certified kitchen. MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council, which is an organization that makes sure that the fish we serve at our school is sustainable.

Mr Florén,representing Chartwells , Ms Mastio representing MSC Sweden and Principal McGowan

The lunch was a great success, the students loved it. The 8th graders that got to cook the meal, following Ms. Mastio’s recipe, also enjoyed and appreciated their time in the Home Economics kitchen. The cookalong was supervised by Mr. Brunelle, our Home Economics teacher, and Ms. Mastio herself. We also had visitors from the Swedish MSC office, that had come to IES Kista to attend the cookalong.

The students worked on their preparations from 9:00 and were done cooking by 12:30. They left the kitchen, after having cleaned it thoroughly, about an hour later.

Grade 8 students ready to cook

We would like to thank Ms. Mastio for coming to us, all the way from Malmö, as well as the representatives from MSC Sweden and Chartwells of the Compass Group.