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Calendar for the academic school year 2020/2021

Winter Tree at IES Kista

Start of term - 19th August
Study Day - 8th October (No school and Junior Club)
Digital SPTs - 22th & 23th October (No school. Junior Club is open) 
Autumn Break - week 44 - 26th October - 1st November
Christmas break -  21st December 2020 - 11th January 2021

Start of term - 12th January
Sport Break - week 9 - 1st February - 7th February
Easter Break - week 13 - 2nd April - 11th April
Labour Day / May Day - 1st May 
Ascension day (Kristi Himmelsfärd) - 13th & 14th May
End of term - 11th June

Blossom outside IES Kista   Winter at IES Kista   White Blossom Tree in the central courtyard at IES Kista


Team Kista Talk: Stress: Body and Mind

Team Kista Talk: Stress: Body and Mind

Are teenagers more stressed than people in other age groups? (Spoiler alert: the answer is probably yes!)

In this week's Team Kista Talk, Mr Östling Huhta discusses how the changes in your body - and in your brain - actually make it more difficult for you to handle stressful situations.

Click here to watch this week's episode.

Super Hero Day

Super Hero Day

Students were encouraged to participate in skills, fitness and strength tests as part of a Super Hero Day at IES Kista.

Different activities were set up throughout the day for students to try and to practise the skills of some of the most famous superheroes. 

There was; 

The Hulk Challenge, which involved the Grip Test and Arm Wrestle,

The Captain Marvel Challenge where students practised catching and reaction skills,

The Black Panther Challenge for standing Long Jump and Press Ups / Planks. 

The Spiderman Challenge which saw students trying the Spider Hang and Spider Bars to do pull ups,

The Black Widow Challenge of Skipping and Hexagonal Jumps,

And the Thanos Staff and Student Challenge where the challenges included Bench Deadlift-Strength, Water Bottle walk-strength endurance and Water Bottle Squats-strength endurance.

Mr Small, who organized the project, said ''The aim of the day is to engage students to be aware of physical power through fitness and skill".

Super Hero Day   Super Hero Day   Super Hero Day