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Year nine disco

Year nine disco

On the fifteenth of October IES Kista hosted the first disco of the year for years 4,5 and 6, and safe to say the disco was a tremendous success. The cafeteria was beautifully decorated by the students of 9D and functioned as a dance floor, filling to the brim with students enjoying themselves.

The students who attended the disco went out of their way to make it magical through elaborate and beautifully designed costumes and outfits. Please look through the pictures to view the beautifully crafted costumes worn by students at IES Kista.

The attendance at the disco exceeded 150 students from years 4-6 which is a record for our school discos here at IES Kista and the proceeds from the disco will help arrange the year nine prom during next semester.  

The Principal of IES Kista and all staff involved would like to extend their gratitude to the PTA for their fantastic support in making the disco the success that it was, as well as the students and mentors of class 9D for making it possible.

The Kistaloppet 2017

The Kistaloppet 2017

The Kistaloppet and International Food Court were a huge success and a great day had by all.  IES Kista was very well represented in the 2 km races with dozens of students running in each age group.  

Students of IES Kista even won two of the age groups, the grade 6 race as well as the grade 7 race.  There were even several brave students and teachers who completed the 10 km race!  We couldn’t have been more proud of our students.



The International Food Court was the first major event put on by the dedicated parents of the PTA.  With the help of volunteers and teachers, dishes from around the world were donated by amazing parents of IES Kista and sold to raise money for the students of IES Kista.

 Students, teachers, and parents filled up on delicious food before and after their races.  IES Kista would really like to thank the members of the PTA for their months of hard work planning and executing the event and all of the students, teachers, and parents who volunteered their time to make the event such a success.  We are already looking forward to next year!




IES KISTA 2017-2018

Autumn Term 2017

Term starts: 16th August

School photographs: 18th - 20th September. Two other days to be arranged.

Study days for students: 21st - 22nd September.

Study day: 12th October.

Autumn Holiday: 30th October – 3rd

November. Sports Day: 29th November.

Last day of term: 22nd December.


Spring Term 2018

Term starts: 10th January

Sports week: 26th February – 2nd March

Easter holiday: 3rd – 6th April

Study day: 12th April May holiday: 30th April – 1st May

“Kristi Himmelsfärdsdag”: 10th – 11th May

National day: 6th June

Last day of term: 12th June


From the Principal

IES Kista hosts IES Academics Conference

IES Kista hosts IES Academics Conference

Being an excellent and well-situated venue, IES Kista hosted a two-day Academics Conference on the 7th and 8th September.

The conference's main focus was the importance of grit to achieve success and enhance academic and life performance.

Grit as an academics success-related concept is becoming increasingly important in a rapidly changing, digitalised a-click-away world. The aim is to show students the significance of perseverance, determination and tenacity in order to overcome difficulties, deal with setbacks as well as how approach new challenges by using existing knowledge and skills by applying them to new situations and contexts.


The other main topic at the conference was how to build on present strength so as to make IES schools even more successful academically speaking. Accurate recruitment, hiring and professional development in middle management is considered to be a key factor.

The outcome was was highly satisfactory and the conference was attended by some 90 people involved in academics at IES - mainly Principals and Assistant Principals -  and by key people from the Head Office.

IES Kista opens its doors to Ms. Lotta Edholm

On Tuesday the 7th of February, we had the opportunity of being visited by one of the most well-known politicians in Sweden, Ms. Lotta Edholm. She is the group leader of the Stockholm division of the Liberal party (Liberalerna), which means she is the leading representative for the party in Stockholm. Edholm is also the vice Chairman of the board of Education.

Ms Edholm & Principal McGowan
Ms Edholm & Principal McGowan

Ms. Edholm came to IES Kista with her press secretary, Mr. Karl Rydå, and were shown around the school, starting the day with lunch in our restaurant. During the day, Ms. Edholm and Rydå got to talk to our students, visited a few classes, and left our school being very impressed by what we do and what we stand for.