Activity Week and Team Kista Talk

From the Principal
Activity Week at IES Kista - Staff v Year 9 Football Match

Dear all,

Finally we got some warmth and sun this weekend, I had my first swim in the lake close to where I live and it was cold but worth it!

The coming week is Activity Week at IES Kista, this means that your class will be out of school for an activity for one of the days during the week. What the students will be doing and when, depends on which class or year group they belong to. The information about this has been given to the children in Mentor time and is also shared on SchoolSoft.

Since we are closing in on the end of year and summer is just around the corner, this week's Team Kista Talk is about the necessity of recuperation

It has surely been a testing term for all of us, so use the summer to relax and build up your energy for the school start in August!



Mikael Ö. Huhta