Bookmark Competition

IES Bookmark competition 2021

Two IES Kista students were in the top three winners in the national final final of the IES Interschools Bookmark competition.

Ava Jamshir in 4E came second place in years 4-6 and Evelina Classon in 7C came third place in years 7-9.

Ms Björklund, IESK school librarian, said, "This is a great accomplishment, and I am so proud of both of them!"

Well done Ava and Evelina!


Ava Jamshir 4e IES Kista - Second place overall in years 4-6

IES Bookmark competition 2021



Evelina Classon 7c IES Kista  Third place overall in years 7-9

IES Bookmark competition 2021