The Corona Virus and Team Kista Talk

From the Principal
The Corona Virus and Team Kista Talk

Dear all,

Welcome back to school! Here you can view this week's Team Kista Talk on Dedication. Below you can find information on how the school wishes students, parents and staff deal with the risks of the corona virus.


The corona virus has spread to many countries in and outside Europe over the past week, while students and staff may have visited places where infection was detected during the sports break.

Our advice matches the current advice from the public health authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten). Folkhälsomyndigheten urged those who have visited areas where the infection has been found to be aware of symptoms such as coughing, breathing difficulties or fever. If these symptoms show or if you suspect symptoms contact the healthcare advice service (Vårdguiden) 1177 directly for advice.

It is important that everyone who is exposed to corona virus contact the health services for advice even if they feel healthy. When in doubt, we recommend that you always contact the healthcare services.

However, those who have been in areas where infection is present but feel perfectly healthy should go to school as usual, but must keep an eye out for symptoms and contact the healthcare services if necessary, as above.

If case of illness, report the sickness to the school and stay at home according to the instructions of the healthcare services.

We understand that many are concerned and we assure you that the safety and health of our students is our top priority. We are following the authorities' recommendations closely and will act promptly if there is reason to introduce stricter routines or update this advice.

For more advice and information about the virus:

Your Principal,

Mikael Ö. Huhta