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Spindeljakten poster competition update!

Students in grade 8 and 9 (STEAM Club students) made posters on the topic ‘Spiderhunt’ or ‘Spindeljakten’(discussed in classes). A jury in school decided the best poster which has been nominated to participate in the final rounds of the competition at the Nobel Museum. The winning poster will be displayed in the final Spindeljakten Research project conference held at the Nobel Museum on 7th December at the 'avslutning' conference. 

The two students who will be representing IES Kista at the Nobel Museum are Marie-Gabrielle Popa & Carl-Johan Agebratt. 

'It was a joint venture between Science, Swedish and Aethetics department.I would like to thank Mr Wenström(HOD, Swedish Department and Ms Fagerlund(Aesthetics department) for helping us to make the final poster. Best of Luck to IES team Kista' - Ms Banerjee(Science Teacher, Project Coordinator-Spindeljakten)