IESKista Take Part in the Erasmus STEAM Virtual Mobility

IESKista Take Part in the Erasmus STEAM Virtual Mobility

Students from IES Kista joined six countries for a virtual meeting to share good practices on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) for the Virtual Mobility Erasmus Project.

The virtual mobility project comprised of students from Romania, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Turkey and Sweden taking part in a variety of different activites.

Activities took place over three days and included: building a pyramid challenge, the Great Wall of China zipline challenge and a coding challenge.

Virtual Mobility Project Erasmus

Organizing this activity was not easy, as they had to coincide meetings between the six different countires across the different European time zones. 

Representatives from the Erasmus STEAM Virtual Mobility project, who managed the event, said: "Thanks to Aiga Sorokina from the Latvian school who first planned the mobility which got cancelled in March at the last moment. But that didn't break her spirit. She had planned again from scratch for all the activities so students can do it individually online with easily available resources at home. Thanks to Massimo La Milia and Gisele Di Liberto from Italy for accepting the challenge. I know it was difficult but I admire your guts to try to make this virtual mobility possible. Cristina Nicolaita , Karamanlı Engin  , Sinead Counihan , Neşe Çelik, from other countries and Charlie Brown, Disha Saxena, Adem leff, Joshua Houpt, Naila Jinnah Brunelle, Adem MO from IES Kista-  there are no words to explain my gratitude for your support to make this project a success. Without you teachers this project wouldn't have been possible. Thank you all.".