Kistaloppet & International Food Court 22 September 2018

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IES Kista and the PTA IES Kista invite all students and their families to participate in a day of fun, eating good food, running or walking Kistaloppet while raising funds for future events for the IES Kista students on Saturday 22 September.
The International Food Court will be open 11:00-14:00 at school. There will be a lots of food and baked goods for sale.

Times for Kistaloppet can be found on
You can still sign up for Kistaloppet and/or sign up to donate a cultural dish to the
food court. Enclosed is the form to sign up if you haven´t received it, or please log on to SchoolSoft to find the form.

Even if you do not bake or run, you are more than welcome to hang out with your
family and schoolmates! Bring your parents, grandparents and siblings together for a fun day together!

All welcome!

 Kistaloppet & International Food Court 2017
Runners enjoying the food after the race