Welcome from the new Principal

From the Principal
Welcome from the new Principal

Dear parents and guardians,

As the Autumn Break approaches and the longest period of school of the year comes to a close, it gives me great pleasure to write to you for the first time as the Principal of IES Kista. Having been a parent to an old IES Kista student, I am extremely proud to be able to assume the mantle of leadership from Mr Östling Huhta, who as I am sure you are aware, has taken a position in a school much closer to his home so he can be closer to his family. While I am not new to the school, having worked here now for just over two years in the role of Assistant Principal for Academics, I am looking forward to the challenge of leading the school in the coming years, as we strive to provide the best education possible for our students.

On a personal level, I have worked as an educator for nearly twenty years, having experience in schools, gymnasium and as a tutor at undergraduate level in university. I am originally from just outside Manchester, in England, and moved to Sweden over eleven years ago with my family because my wife and I wanted a better educational experience for our own children. After initially working as Head of House in IES gymnasium in Södermalm, I took a position as Vice Principal at Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket where I worked for just over six years and was responsible for the international educational programmes in the school. However, when the opportunity to work at IES Kista arose in the summer of 2019, it was too good an opportunity to pass over, and I joined the school, working as the Assistant Principal for Academics.

When I started working at IES Kista in August 2019, the world was a very different place. As an Assistant Principal, the first term was challenging but exciting and as a school we made many developments from an academic perspective. However, in January 2020, the world changed. As I know we are all aware, the effects of the COVID have been unimaginable, both within wider society and within our school. I am proud of the job that we did as a school during the most challenging months, where overwhelmingly, we managed to stay open and be a consistent feature of our students' lives at a time when so many other things they had taken for granted were no longer certain. Was the school environment as calm and productive as it has been? No, it probably wasn’t; just as it wasn’t in most schools that did keep their doors open. That is the challenge I face as I start my new role and I do so with a sense of optimism.

While the COVID pandemic is still not completely over, I am hopeful that we are past the worst of it, both within our wider community, and also within our school. I know as I step into my new role, I am supported by a team of committed and experienced educators who are working hard to ensure that we deliver the best educational opportunities possible to our students. I am confident that with your continued support, we can do this and I look forward to welcoming everyone back after the Autumn Break.

Best regards,

Ian Gavin
Principal, IES Kista