Open House 23 January

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Open House 23 January

On 23 January our school opened its doors to welcome families who were eager to find out more about the school and how we inspire young minds. (Image above: The SO department welcoming questions from visitors)

Students and management greeting visitors
One of two art rooms
Visitors exploring the school and speaking to the maths department

The families were taken on guided tours led by small groups of students. They were ushered throughout the school to each department waiting to introduce themselves and answer any and all valuable questions the parents and potential students had to ask. 

Our passionate science department 

Some students volunteered to stayed behind and fill the rooms with activity, giving the visitors a glimpse at everyday life in IES Kista. Some families even left with their own practical hands on experience such as making a pillow in textiles and cooking with the teacher in the home economics kitchen. 

Textile rooms
Woodwork room
The swedish department displayed some of their resources

Our principle held an information Q & A outlining the school values and objectives, with honest on the spot input from the students themselves. 

Students helping with the Q & A session

We look forward to the next open house and welcome all visitors with open arms.