Science Autumn Term Update

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Science Autumn Term Update

Science this term has been exciting. We started the term out with a trip to google (In collaboration with the Maths Department) with some year 5 students.   They got to explore the google offices, and attend a seminar on coding. Each student got to take home a google bot.


9c got to visit Eriksson and experience a car that was being driven remotely from France.


STEAM Club has been up and running.  The club has received a grant from ERASMUS+, and is preparing for their first of five trips to visit schools in other EU countries.  We are currently also preparing for the five school to visit IES Kista in April. The goal of the project is to exchange science teaching and learning techniques and to compare curriculums, learning from each other.

STEAM club has currently been experimenting with the  new 3D printer. The printer is also used in technology class alongside CAD  drafting.


The project with the Nobel Museum and Umea University has come to a close.  Students collected Spiders from Umea University. The University has returned the data and  the students has created posters based on their data. The posters will be entered into a contest with the other participating schools, with the winner receiving tickets to the Nobel Dinner.

IES Kista has also been given the opportunity to test out the web based version of Sensavis, a science, technology, and maths visualization tool.  Students were tasked with creating a youtube style video explaining the complex process of mitosis.


Over the summer we had students participate in  Inicio’s summer school program. Where our students worked on planning and prototyping possible fountains for use in Kista.  


In year 6 they have been studying space, and the students had to get creative about using recycled materials to create a solar system.  

Thank you for your continued support, we could not do it without you!

Joshua Houpt

Head of Science, Mentor 9B

Teacher of Science