Sports day!

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On thursday the 17th of May we here at IES Kista engaged ourselves in the spring sport day, where we left the school premises to get out to Kärsögården, just south of Bromma. Here, the students and teachers participated in a variety of activities, such as basketball, soccer, beach volleyball and quizwalks. A few brave students and teachers even entered the water for a brief swim.

Year 4 students

Although the weather was not as fantastic as it had been the rest of the week, it was a nice, comfortable temperature considering that the students spent the whole day outside. A big, warm and special thank you to Mr. Wallace, Ms. Näsman and Mx Garcia for organizing the Sports Day, and a big thank you to all the staff and students that made the day so much fun! We’re already looking forward to next years sport days!

Basketball and football games 
inflatable obstacle course


Year 4 students


English teacher Mr Forrestel diving in!