Taste Testing At School Lunches


At IES, part of our ethos is that all students have the chance to enjoy a healthy, nutritious lunch every day. At IES Kista, we work hard to help our students make those healthy choices. One of our latest additions has been the ‘Farmer’s Market’ where students get to taste new foods with their friends.

In its first week, our caterers brought out carrots to try. Not just ordinary carrots, but an array of yellow, red and purple carrots!. With one of the chefs slicing them at rapid speed, students were captivated and all enjoyed their first taste of a new food.A few days later we included some of the multi-coloured carrot selection in our salad bar and they were a firm favourite!

Eating well is an important factor in the balance of school life at IES Kista, and we hope these steps make it even easier for the future.