Team Kista talk on Equity kicks off the last week before Sport break!

From the Principal
Team Kista talk on Equity kicks off the last week before Sport break!

Dear all,

This is the last week before the Sports Break and both students and staff are eager to get a week's rest and spend some time with their families. When teachers and students are away, the school management team with Mr Dunnell, Mr Gavin and myself, will continue our planning for next year with the aim to keep developing the school in the direction we have started together with all of our dedicated colleagues. Our ultimate aim is to be the number one place for quality education in the northwest of Stockholm and by reaching this goal we believe that we can transform the life chances for many students who enter our school from the neighbourhoods in and around Järva.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly praise my colleagues for how they handled the power shortage that led to the closing of the school on Friday the 7th of January. It is not easy to evacuate almost 1000 students calmly and orderly but we succeeded and this was down to the flexibility and dedication of the entire team at IES Kista.

This week's Team Kista Talk is about Equity, a difficult word that has profound meaning when looking a the different circumstances that are visible in our society as well as globally today.

You can find it here!

Your Principal,

Mikael Ö. Huhta