Welcome to Junior Club!

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Welcome to Junior Club!

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista and to Junior Club.  What is Junior Club? It is an after school care for grades 4, and 5 where students hang out with their friends, meet new ones, participate in different  activities such as sports, crafts, dance, experiments, baking/cooking, sewing and have lots of fun in a safe, supervised environment.  

At the end of the week we wind down with a movie in the aula and some popcorn. Junior club is open daily from 13:00 till 17:00 everyday.  Each day, members will be provided with an after school snack. Please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Parada (ethel.parada.kista@engelska.se)for any inquiries or concerns regarding Junior Club.

Here are some of the exciting activitys that Junior club as done so far...

Students can choose between daily activities and tasks which range between dance club, ping pong and sewing. The Junior Club Coordinator, Ms. Parada, also plans special weekly craft activities and individual challenges which students can choose to learn how to complete. Each of these activities usually relate to the season or school calendar, this creates structure and continuity for the students.

The special craft project for December was the Advent Calendar project. Students made the entire structure and finished off the project with some impressive decoration. 

Students can also play with the latest Nintendo Switch console and games.

Once per term the entire Junior Club embarks on a field trip, above you can see the visit to the Natural history Museum. 

Wednesday is a 'Special Day' at junior club. Each week the students are guided through a unique task. So far the tasks have ranged between Science experiments in the science lab, baking in the home ec room and string art in the woodwork room. 

'Strawbees' special day activity.

The 'special day' during December included gingerbread house decorating. All the students had fun while practicing how to work together. 

End of term party!

The end of term party was a great success, the students had a range of games and challenges to complete. After the food was served they could 'smash' their gingerbread houses and enjoy the spoils. With a quick costume change for the photo booth students could finish off the party with a dance battle.