Young journalists

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Student Work
Young journalists

Grace, Cecilia and Zainab, 3 talented and ambitious students in year 4 have started a newspaper dedicated to their grade - Ny är 4. We interviewed these aspiring young journalists, this is what they had to say.

Cecilia, Zainab and Grace

Whose idea was it to start a website?

It started with us making bookmarks for our grade which represented our houses. Then when they liked it so much we thought about what else we can do, this is when our school librarian helped them make the newspaper. We used real newspaper as our inspiration for articles and how to lay out the newspaper.

Who is responsible for what in the team?

Cecilia - is responsible for the DIY and drawing the pictures. Grace - writes the articles and does the 'happy time' word search. Zainab - does the interviews, writes the content is responsible for the baking section.

What careers do you want to be when you are grown up?

Cecilia - Engineer or a doctor, Grace - violinist or a violin instructor, Zainab - Business person or a journalist

What do your parents think about your newspaper?

They love it and they are very proud! They are able to get information about the school and our life in year 4 before it is published on schoolsoft. 

Will you keep doing this in grade 5?

Definitely YES! we want to grow this newspaper much bigger and better for the whole school to see not just our grade.