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Team Kista Talk: Grey Matter

Grey Matter

What happens when your brain finds a better way to make connections? It "deletes" stuff!

The topic of this week's Team Kista Talk is "Grey Matter". Watch the video here to hear Mr Östling Huhta discuss this topic.

IES Kista featured in company annual report

IES Kista in IES  annual report

IES Kista is one of two featured schools in this year's Internationella Engelska Skolan annual report. If you were here last year, you might remember that a reporter and photographer from HQ came to visit our school. Here is the result of their time with us!

There are interviews with teachers, students, and of course, the leadership team. And one of our Year 7 students even makes the cover! Enjoy.

From the Principal

Welcome back from the autumn break!

Welcome back from the autumn break!

Dear all,

Staff and students are now back from the break and lessons are taking place as normal. As we can see in the guidelines from the National Health Agency we are now in a deteriorating situation i relation to Covid-19 in several regions of the country. In our region the guidelines have been tightened which of course also leads to action from us in addition to already following the guidelines. We have therefore decided to limit parent visits as well as external visits to the school to situations we deem completely necessary. This means that child pick-up inside the school and drop-ins are now longer available for parents or external visitors. There are signs on the door explaining who to call when in need of assistance. 

With the current situation we have also decided that we will not host the annual Nobel Dinner for exceptional student performance but we will be recognizing the winners publicly in a celebratory way.



Mikael Ö. Huhta

Principal IES Kista




Team Kista Talk: How the brain develops

Team Kista Talk: How the brain develops

Welcome to a new series in this season of Team Kista Talk!

So far, we have been talking about how the brain works so that we can better understand how we learn. This week, Mr Östling Huhta introduces our next focus area: how does the brain develop in the first place?

Click here to see this week's episode, or watch it on our Instagram account, @iesk.kista.

Team Kista Talk: Longterm Memory

Team Kista Talk: Longterm Memory

Your longterm memory is organised in two big sections: Explicit memory (things you know that you know) and Implicit memory (things you automatically know). But what does this have to do with learning?

In this week's Team Kista Talk, Mr Östling Huhta wraps up our exploration of working memory and longterm memory, and reminds us why this is an important topic to understand.

You can watch the video here.