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Team Kista Talk: Consolidation

Team Kista Talk: Consolidation

Why do your teachers make you do similar tasks over and over? What is the point of homework? It's all about consolidation!

In this week's Team Kista Talk, Mr Östling Huhta recaps what we have learned so far, and consolidates this knowledge with a new vocabulary word: consolidation.

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Flying Colours for IES Kista House Pride Day

House Pride Day 2020

The corridors of IES Kista were flooded with reds, blues, greens and yellows, as the school celebrated House Pride Day. Students were encouraged to dress up in their school house colours to get points for their respective house: Linné, Celsius, Hammerström and Meitner.

Both students and teachers dressed up and many house points were gained. Earlier this term the years 4, 5, 6, 7 students were given bingo cards which they were encouraged to fill in. To cross of the bingo squares students had to complete different tasks: line up quietly, clean locker, make a friend, come to the lesson prepared etc. Once the student had completed the bingo card they received ten house points, and ten house points is equal to one t-shirt. So students wore their t-shirts in pride on House Day. For more house points students can receive a water bottle, keychain, socks, hat and hoddie.  

House Pride Day 2020 House Pride Day 2020   House Pride Day 2020   House Pride Day 2020   House Pride Day 2020

Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista has a house system and every student is assigned a house when they join the school. The house system is designed to ecourage teamwork, cooperation, mutual values and a spirit of healthy competition.