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Team Meitner Visit The Opera

To congratulate the winning house of Meitner for winning both House Days last term the students were treated to a day at the Opera.

All the mighty Meitners from Year 4 to Year 8 visited the Royal Palace in the centre of Stockholm on Tuesday 19th February.

Year 7 Meitners Emil Karlsson, Samuel Haghdoost and Nohr Daniel spoke about their experiences after the school.

“We left school and took a train to Kungsträdgården, and from there we walked to the Royal Palace. We had time to walk around the Palace before going into the theatre.

There were loads of sculptures, and statues and the roof was gigantic. It was impressive.

The show was great. The music was really emotional, and the performance of music from  ‘Schlinder’s List’ almost made me cry.”

More House Days, and rewards for winning houses, are scheduled for later in the term. Soon students will be able to convert the House Points they have individually collected throughout the term for their own personal prizes.

Bringing Eurovision To IES Kista

Bringing Eurovision To IES Kista


Preparations are now underway for the first ever edition of KistaMelodifestivalen, the competition to choose the students who will represent Kista in the IES Eurovision competition.

With many of the IES schools competing, this year the competition will be in Gävle following their victory last year. The competition, now over ten years old, requires students not just to perform a song, but also sing in one of the school's Modern Foreign Languages. For IES Kista, this comprises of French, German and Spanish.

Students wishing to take part in the show are now invited to auditions in week 5. From there students will work with Mr. Robertson, our Head of Delegation for the IES Eurovision competition, to find the right songs and practice their performances. The end result of this will be KistaMelodifestivalen taking place on Friday April 29th, with the winners performing at IES Eurovision the month after.


Mr. Robertson is excited about Kista's new show.

"We've just starting advertising this after the Christmas break, but already there are floods of students wanting to be involved. I know there are many talented musicians  here at the school and I am looking forward to working with them to produce the best quality performances we can."

In addition to KistaMelodifestivalen, a smaller version called Lilla KistaMelodifestivalen, for Year 4 and Year 5 students, will take place in March. This competition requires students to sing in English.

Auditions for both Lilla KistaMelodifestivalen and KistaMelodifestivalen will take place in week 4 and 5 respectively. Students should contact Mr. Robertson via for more information.

From the Principal

The End of Term Awards

The End of Term Awards

A Proud Principal: Mr. McGowan handing out awards to students

Friday 18th December brought us to the end of a long yet rewarding first term for all at IES Kista. We hope all our staff, students and families are able to have a relaxing break able to fully recharge themselves for the new term ahead.

We didn't let our last day end on a whimper though, as we took the opportunity to celebrate our successes. Each year group had an assembly in the Auditorium with prizes awarded to students for their commitment to school life, their academic successes and their ability to work with other students.

As a festive treat for our students,our staff band 'Call Collection'  performed some party tunes to a delighted audiences. Mr. Cross, Mr. Brown, Mr. Gregory, Ms. Hindrichs and Mr. Zawadzki ended the Assembly to huge standing ovations from every year group.

After this, students returned briefly to their mentor classrooms to say a final farwell before leaving to start the winter break. Students will be returning back to school on Tuesday 12th January.

Chants, Cheers and Celebration: December House Day

Chants, Cheers and Celebration: December House Day

Hammers and Mighty Meitners: Before the House Day battle commenced

Thursday 17th December brought us to the second House Day of the year. Once again, students divided up into their four houses for the day and came dressed in the appropriate colours. Red for Meitner, Green for Linné, Blue for Hammerström and Yellow for Celsius.

Throughout the day students took part in different challenges in small groups, all with the aim of gaining enough points for their House to take victory. The activities included a crafty Christmas Tree decoration challenge and a karaoke contest as well as various physical and mental challenges.

The title of 'Winning House' changed hands many times throughout the day, but at the end of House Day it was once again Meitner who were on top after they ended victorious in the first House Day in October.

Meitner: 271

Dark and Mysterious: Students were challenged to put their hands into our secret boxes for prizes
Dark and Mysterious: Students were challenged to put their hands into our secret boxes for prizes

Hammerström: 264

Celsius: 254

Linné: 220

Once these results were added to each houses existing points, the totals for the first term are as follows:

Linné: 1264

Hammerström: 1236

Meitner: 1177

Celsius: 1118