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Celebrating The Winter With Our First Annual Festival

On Friday 11th December staff and students at IES Kista celebrated the first annual Winter Festival. Each class took part in team building activities, crafts and watching a festive movie together to celebrate this special time together. In addition to this our music teachers Mr. Brown and Ms. Hindrichs co-ordinated the first Lucia procession with our school choir lead by our Lucia, Julia Mendoza Wezeman. Over twenty five students took part in the l ceremony with students singing traditional English and Swedish winter songs. Following the Lucia procession, our students also enjoyed a seasonal fika together in the lunchroom with freshly baked gingerbreads and lussebullar. 

Stop Voting Now! Kista Elects First School President

On Friday 13th November all students at IES Kista voted for who they wanted to be the President and the Vice President of the newly formed School Council.

Comprising of two students elected from each class, the School Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss the views of all students on various topics.

These meetings should be student-led, so therefore elections have taken place to find the President and Vice President of the School Council. In short, the President’s responsibilities include being the student voice and running meetings, meanwhile the Vice President organises and records the meetings students have.

There were three candidates standing for election to the School Council President, and two for Vice President. In week 46 the school was covered in posters as the candidates campaigned to get as many votes as possible from each student. All students were entitled to vote.

After watching election speeches from each candidate in mentor time, a secret ballot determined the winning candidates. The first ever President of the IES Kista School Council is Kamron Rozaev from Year 8, meanwhile Vilda Hellzenius Nielsen from class 6D was elected as Vice President.

The students will now work with Mr. Robertson, School Council Adviser, to lead student opinion and ensure students contribute to planning at IES Kista.

Kista Stars In Junior NBA

Kista Stars In Junior NBA

The Kista Jazz: The proud players of our basketball team

On Monday 26th October, IES Kista's basketball team started their first match in the Swedish Junior NBA.

The basketball competition, modelled on the world famous stateside tournament, means that 30 schools across Sweden compete in two conferences to try and become champion.

Mr. Riley and Mr. Knight, our School Development Officers, are running a mixed squad of 12 Year 6 boys and girls representing IES Kista. Each school gets to plays as a squad in the actual NBA and at the draft the Utah Jazz were chosen as our team. All of our squad received official match jerseys from the Jazz team which they wear for each game.

In the first game of the tournament it took a last minute comeback to secure a 25-24 victory for IES Kista. After four games played, the team have won two matches and lost two matches. The top eight teams in each fifteen team conference will make it to the playoff round after Christmas.

Kista's First Ever House Day

Kista's First Ever House Day

Team Yellow: Celsius students together in the Dining Room

Thursday 22nd October brought IES Kista their first House Day.

IES Kista has a house system. Students are allocated a house on their arrival and this is the house they represent throughout their time at IES Kista. Today students across years 4 to 7 took part in different competitions in their house teams. This ranged from a penalty shoot-out knockout to mental challenges, even our own version of 'Kista's Got Talent'!

Student success was translated directly into those all important House Points! House Points are normally earned by students who demonstrate impeccable leadership qualities and go above and beyond our high expectations.

Students and staff came to school dressed in their house colours, some even modelling crazy face paint and even crazier hair! The fun got started with all students joining their house comrades at breakfast before we split into our various activities.

A big thank you should go to our Year 8 prefects who helped teachers to record the points for each event and to spread the enthusiasm. They celebrated with their mentors and teachers in the Home Economics room after school in a huge pizza party.

Year 8 Prefects: Helping make House Day run smoothly
Year 8 Prefects: Helping make House Day run smoothly

The competition was hotly contested with all the different houses in the lead at different points of the day, but the final scores were as follows:

Celsius: 286

Hammerström: 278

Linné: 293

Meitner: 305

This means the House Point total as of the 22nd October is:

Celsius: 443

Hammerström: 483

Linné: 527

Meitner: 465

We are now eagerly anticipating the House Day on Thursday 17th December.

Entreprenuerial Learning At Regional Conference

Staff from IES Kista attended their first Regional Conference at IES Tyresö on Friday 16th October.

Regional Conference is annual event where IES schools in the local area have the opportunity to meet their colleagues. It provides an excellent opportunity to share best practice across the organisation and the chance to build contacts with other staff members.

IES Kista and Tyresö were joined by those from Nacka, Huddinge, Järfälla and Bromma as well as leaders from the organisation’s headquarters for the day, to discuss the theme of Entrepreneurship. The day included a guest lecture by Stefan Lindström as well as discussions between each individual department. Entrepreneurship is an important part of the Swedish school curriculum and schools should work to continually develop the problem-solving abilities of students to ensure that they are ready for the ever-changing 21st century working environment.

IES Kista would like to thank Tyresö for their organisation of the day which has led to many staff now returning to work inspired to further improve our learning experience.