School Food

At IES we believe that students need access to healthy and nutritious food each and every day in order to achieve their full potential. That is why at IES Kista we ensure students have great access to high-quality food produced in our on-site kitchen

Menu - Week 4

Monday 25/1

Meal of the Day - Pan steak with tomato sauce with bulgur

Today's Vegetarian - Falafel with tomato sauce and bulgur

Tuesday 26/1

Meal of the Day - Sausage with mashed potatoes

Today's Vegetarian - Soy sausage with mashed potatoes

Wednesday 27/1

Meal of the Day - Chicken alá King and rice

Today's Vegetarian - Soya ala King and rice

Thursday 28/1

Meal of the Day - Breaded fish with herb cream and boiled potatoes

Today's Vegetarian - Vegetarian paella with aioli

Friday 29/1

Meal of the Day - Spaghetti with minced meat sauce

Today's Vegetarian - Spaghetti with tofu pasta sauce


Under the guidance of intern chef Marlene Berzins and her team from Chartwells, the staff work daily to ensure all staff and students have a delicious and nutritious lunch. We always provide at least one vegetarian option as a main course, as well a well-stocked salad offering alongside nutritious soups. Further to that, we have a separate hypoallergenic room in our kitchen, purely for the daily production of food that needs to be specially adapted for the needs of different students.

School lunch is provided free for all our students every day, and the weekly menus are posted on SchoolSoft. In addition all staff and students are able to come into school early for a free breakfast, with cereals, porridge, fruit and sandwiches all regularly available. We want every student to start school on a full stomach.

Staff working at IES Kista also receive what we call a ‘pedagogical lunch’. This means that like the students, staff can eat the food for free every day. However, our staff have an obligation to ensure the dining area is calm and orderly, being good role models and helping students enjoy their school lunch.

Student feedback on lunch is extremely important. This is why our school council also has a food committee that meets regularly with our catering staff to ensure high-quality, appetising food is always on the table.