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The IES Kista School Library has approximately 3,500 books. Among the different types of books available to borrow there are fiction books, factual books, biographies, sport, history, comic books and manga books. 

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In addition to borrowing books, many of the IES students also use the library for a place for quiet reading and or to do school work on the library computures. It is free to borrow the library books and all IES Kista students automatically become a member.  

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School Librarian Ms Björklund said: "The most popular books are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books, books by Mats Berggren and Manga books.  The library books are mainly in Swedish and English, but we also have books in other languages, for example Arabic, German and French. If the book you want is not available you can reserve it. Students also recommend books to me, so I can order them in."  

For more information about the IES Kista school library please visit the library and speak to the Ms Björklund.

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 Book Tips for September  2020

Book of the Month Sept 2020   Book of the Month Sept 2020

Septembers boktips från biblioteket!

1. Livet går bra för Egon, han har coola vänner och är fotbollslagets stjärnspelare. Men plötsligt börjar underliga saker att hända, och han inser snart att det är för att han är hälften alien! En rolig och spännande bok med färgglada bilder skriven i dagboksformat.

2. Undrar du hur gravitation, elektromagnetism och relativitet fungerar? I denna bok får du på ett lätt sätt svar på detta och mycket mer! Med hjälp av färgglada bilder förklaras dessa saker på endast 30 sekunder.


Swedish Authors Visit IESKista 

In the vår term 2020 two Swedish authors visited the students to talk about their books.

Annelie Drewsen is the author of a series of books on a character named Amina.  She also wrote a book called Dagboken, as well as educational material on Alfred Nobel and Astrid Lindgren.

Lena Ollmark has written many books and is famous for her scary books 'Den förskräckliga historien om Lilla Hon' and 'Mördaren i parken'. She is also a well known journalist and often writes pieces on developments within the field of psychology.

Written by Mr Rönnerfalk, Swedish teacher