House Pride Week - Different Colours for Every Day

House Colours week 2021

Last week the corridors of IES Kista were flooded with reds, blues, greens and yellows, as the school celebrated House Pride Week. Students were encouraged to dress up in the school's house colours every day to highlight our shared school values and get points for their respective house: Linné, Celsius, Hammerström and Meitner.

Monday was Celsius Day (Honesty - yellow), Tuesday - Hammarstrom Day (Community - blue), Wednesday - Linne Day (Determination - green), Thursday - Meitner Day (Ambition - red) and Friday - Rainbow.

celsius shield 2 hammarstrom shield linne shield meitner shield Rainbow colours

Both students and teachers dressed up and many house points were gained. Depending on how many house points a student earns they receive a T-shirt, a water bottle, powerbank keychain, socks, hat and hoddie.  

Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista has a house system and every student is assigned a house when they join the school. The house system is designed to encourage teamwork, cooperation, mutual values and a spirit of healthy competition. 

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