A new School Year is upon us

Från rektorn
A new School Year is upon us

Dear all,

As in the picture above, our staff are looking towards the horizon, seeing a new school year begin with all the excitement and challenges ahead of us. This summer we have worked a lot on the structure of the school, moving classrooms and student lounges, adding new rooms and furniture for our students so they can enjoy their breaks and get energized between classes. 

I am very proud to welcome our students back to school after a well deserved summer break. We hope that you have had time to rest and relax so that you are ready for the academic year that will soon start.

At the school, preparations have been going on during the whole summer and we proudly welcome a new member in our leadership team, Mr Ian Gavin, who is responsible for the school ́s academic development as the new Academic Manager. Mr Gavin is no stranger to IES himself, having worked in the organization previously for three years,  holding among other leadership positions, the role of Academic Manager at IES Gymnasium in Södermalm. The last six years Mr Gavin has worked at the international school in Sigtuna (SSHL) as Vice Principal for Academics. 

Mr Gavin shares our conviction in the educational philosophy we stand for and will lead and develop the academic wing in the school supporting teachers to keep moving forward on the challenging and exciting journey towards core knowledge and instructional excellence. 


See you soon!

Mr Ö. Huhta

Principal IES Kista