Nobel Prize Winner visit and SPTs

Från rektorn

Dear all,

Last week we had the honour of being visited by Nobel Laureate Torsten Wiesel who won the price for Medicine in 1981 together with David Hubel for research around cells in the eye. Mr Wiesel who is a neurophysiologist, has had a career spanning over more than half a century at among other institutions, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, KI, The Rockefeller Center (President 1991-1998) and is despite his experience and wealth of knowledge one of the most humble people I have met. He and his wife Lizette Mumusa Reyes spent half a day with our students and staff and I am very proud to say I got to discuss some interesting topics with them during dinner in the evening.

On October 25th-26th we will have the autumn term SPTs in the school, this means there are no normal lessons or Junior Club those days, students, parents and staff will be busy discussing the academic results so far and setting goals for the rest of the term.



Mr Ö. Huhta

Principal IES Kista