Opera, National Tests and Patience

Opera, National Tests and Patience

Dear all,

Last week we had the honor of having famous opera singer Sanna Gibbs and pianist Karin Haglund visit us at IES Kista to perform to the year 9. Ms Gibbs told her story of how she became an opera singer despite knowing nothing about Opera just a few years earlier. We were lucky to hear parts of several classics like Turandot and Carmen and also a little pop music. The experience was clearly new to the majority of our students and they asked many questions about her voice and how it is possible to make sounds the way she did, including the classic one, could she break glass?

Ms Gibbs and Ms Haglund were fantastic and very patient and we are so happy we could offer this experience to our students. 

During this week we have continued to conduct the oral part of National Tests in Swedish and our year 9 have performed well and hopefully some of their stress is now behind them since all tests are complete.

For our Team Kista Talk this week, we talk about patience and remind students of how it is to be patient in both their academics and their social lives.



Mikael Ö. Huhta

Principal IES Kista