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Parent Evenings in Week 36

Parent Evenings in Week 36

Parent Evenings this year will be held digitally once again due to the ongoing circumstances. Parents are invited to log in to SchoolSoft on Tuesday, 7 September 2021 for students in Years 4 to 6, or on Wednesday, 8 September for students in Years 7 to 9. There, you will find a link to a video and some other important information for your student's year group.

Mentors will also be calling parents during the Parent Evening times. Please be prepared to take their calls between 4:45pm and 6pm on your Parent Evening Day. If you have students in multiple year groups, please answer each call as you may receive different information.

We look forward to "meeting" you soon!

Behind the Scenes at IES Kista: Meet & Greet

Behind the Scenes at IES Kista: Meet & Greet

Are you new to IES Kista? Curious about what goes on once you step in the doors? Or maybe you have been with us for a while but need a little refresher on our routines.

Good news! In this episode of Behind the Scenes, we introduce you to our morning routines and remind you of some of our key procedures which ensure a safe and calm environment for everyone in our school community, such as our daily Meet & Greet with the Senior Leadership Team.

Click here to watch the video, BTS: Meet & Greet, and we'll see you soon!

Welcome Letter - Year 4-9

IES Kista Senior Management Team

Dear Guardians and Students,

We are very proud to welcome you to school after a well deserved summer break. We hope that you have had time to rest and relax so that you are ready for the academic year that is upon us.

At the school, preparations have been going on during the whole summer and we can proudly say the school has had a nice new set of decorations and posters created by Ms Parada and her team.

We have a few new teachers coming to work with us in the coming term and we are very happy to announce that they are super excited to work with our students and parents to ensure the best academic and social development possible for every child.

Our leadership and administration teams are currently working on academic planning and overseeing the renovation of the school yards, the painting of the walls inside the classrooms, and developing processes and systems that are to be put in place as the next school year starts. 

We very much look forward to seeing you all!

Best regards,

Senior Leadership Management Team
Mr Östling Huhta, Principal
Mr Ian Gavin, Assistant Principal – Academics
Mr Mark Dunnell, Assistant Principal – Pastoral
Ms Lydia Asgodom, Student Care Coordinator
Mr Imad Garibo, Pastoral Coordinator
Mr Adem McKenzie-Onah, Academic Coordinator


Monday the 16th of August - Introduction Day for Grade 4 students (GRADE 4 ONLY!)
The timings for this day are 08:30 to 11:30. Please come with your child ready to start at this time and follow instructions from our staff when you arrive outside the school gates. During the introduction day we will assess the students and see how they interact with each other and our staff in different groups. A fruit and juice will be served during the day.

Tuesday the 17th of August our staff will put the students in their classes and plan for the start of school. All students will be at home for this day.

Wednesday the 18th of August is the first day of school for all students.

Information regarding the first day of school
Students will find out their classes and schedules on their first day of school on Wednesday the 18th of August. Below you will see the schedule for the first day. This day will be spent on getting to know your mentor and classmates as well as on becoming familiar with the routines and policies for the academic year. The normal class schedule will start on Thursday the 19th of August for all students.

Parent Evenings
Parent Evenings for each class will be conducted on Tuesday the 7th of August for years 4-6 and Wednesday the 8th of September for years 7-9 between 4:45 PM and 6 PM


The Leadership Team at IES Kista

Erasmus STEAM Project comes to an end

Erasmus STEAM Project comes to an end

For the past few years, IES Kista has been participating in an eTwinning/Erasmus Plus project called "We Are Creating STEAM Embassies in the European Partner Network" along with 6 schools from the 6 different countries involved in the project.

The team - which included students and teachers from Sweden, Ireland, Romania, Turkey, Italy, and Latvia - have put together a STEAM eBook documenting their process and the projects and activities they took part in over the 2.5 years of this EU-funded project.

You can see the eBook here.