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World Book Day

World Book Day

April 23 marked World Book Day. We celebrated all things literacy and reading by focusing all lessons on promoting reading and making reading fun. Some of the activities included cut out poetry, slam poetry, creative writing and much more. Well done to the English and Swedish departments for hosting a successful World Book Day.

Visitors from Hong Kong

Visitors from Hong Kong

Mr.Huhta var en del av den svenska handelsdelegationen som leddes av den svenska prinsen som åkte till Hong Kong för nästan ett och ett halvt år sedan. Under besöket hade Mr. Huhta möjligheten att delta i några väldigt intressanta samtal om utbildning. Genom besöket till Hong Kong inleddes en kontakt med en grupp av delegater, beslutsfattare, digitaliseringsansvariga och rektorer, alla dessa involverade i utbildning. På onsdag den 8 maj fick skolan besök av 23 personer från Hong Kong, detta för att de ville ha insikt om hur elever från så många olika bakgrunder kunde komma överens och lyckas samarbeta.

Besökarna blev välkomnade och därefter gick en rundvandring i skolan. Mr. Huhta höll därefter ett tal om skolan, situationen i området samt annan viktig information. Detta gav besökarna en bra inblick om vad IES Kista försöker uppnå. Det huvudsakliga intrycket som besökaren fick var att oerhört kapabla och artiga men även att det finns en enorm stolthet bland personal och elever.

De noterade även att det finns en enorm hög professionalitet hos personal i både klädsel och sättet de behandlar situationer. Detta talar om hög förväntan från ledningen till att ha hög service for studenterna och personalen.

Besöket kommer förhoppningsvis att ökas till ett utbytesprogram mellan länderna. Visionen för programmet är att det ska starta med 2 skolor där studenterna men även lärarna och rektorerna kommer i kontakt med varandra och sedan skapa en stark förbindelse som baserad på utbildning

Awareness about plastic pollution

Awareness about plastic pollution

Image above: First place winners (Aya Rayana and Bianca Frida 6D)

Grade 6 students generated memes to raise awareness about plastic pollution as part of their classwork in science lessons. We had the students vote to choose the best memes from each class. Then the teachers voted to choose the best 3 memes from the whole school and here are the results.

2nd place winners: 
Iman Ayaz and Beril Beti
3rd place winners: 
Sebri and his group

IES Kista Shout Magazine

IES Kista Shout Magazine

Introducing the first edition of the IES Kista Magazine.

All photos and articles where put together by the brilliant student journalists at the school.

Well Done!

IES Kista hosted a Six Country STEAM Project for Learning Through Technology

IES Kista hosted a Six Country STEAM Project for Learning Through Technology

Vincent Villanueva and classmates working with robots during the STEAM project

Students from six European countries came to Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista for a week of learning through technology.

IES Kista is part of the Erasmus STEAM Embassies project and welcomed teachers and children from Turkey, Ireland, Romania, Latvia and Italy, who are collaborating to share their technology curriculum as the students all learn together.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, with the six schools taking part are focussing on the different areas.

The focus during the week at IES Kista was on technology, with students taking part in workshops and a science fair. Students also learnt about Scratch and Microbit programming as well as 3D printing.

Vincent Villanueva of class 7C at IES Kista said: “I am very glad that I took part in this project, it has been beneficial. Meeting people from other countries is interesting because they have a different way of learning. You get to teach them about your country and they teach you about theirs, it is an exchange of knowledge. The most interesting thing about any country is how it differs from yours.

“I have done a lot of coding and 3D printing. 3D printing is fun, it looks like the shapes will only exist in your computer, but when you print it out it is real and tangible.”

Carl-Johan Agebratt (pictured right, third from left) of class 8C at IES Kista also took part in the project. He said: “I have learnt a lot of things, with different points of view. I thought it would be about chemistry labs and white coats and not necessarily that I would meet a lot of interesting new people.

“When we went to Turkey we had a language barrier, because not many people knew English, so we had a barrier to cross or go around by pointing at things and using Google translate and having faith in each other.”

Students from other countries who came to visit IES Kista enjoyed their stay at the school and the chance to learn more about technology, as well as about life in Sweden.

Andreea Mogosanu from Romania said: “It is great here, they have a lot of new things that we don’t have in Romania. I like to see other countries, I can make new friends and try my English with others. I can explore the culture of other countries, how everything works in schools.

“I learned how to make programmes and how to work with new inventions, it could be good for a future career, I would like to do something that involves technology and maths.”

IES Kista welcomed visitors from five other international schools during the STEAM project

Curtis Nolan (above, second from right), 11, visited IES Kista from Ireland.  He said: “Everybody is so different, but also the same, everyone has their own cultural and religious ways.  I enjoyed 3D printing, I like maths and code.  Making new things and having them appear in front of your eyes is rewarding.”

IES Kista’s Head of Science, Mr Joshua Houpt, said: “The visiting kids learned more about science and technology, and also have lived in another country for a week.

“When IES Kista visited the school taking part from Turkey the students stayed with host families, so they got to experience what life and education are like in that country, and to get a different perspective on the world. By the end of the week they were drinking Turkish tea with the family and communicating in English.”

Students from the various countries, including those from IES Kista, will meet again in Ireland in June for the next stage of the project.