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The IES Kista School Photo Competition “A day in my life”

Year 9 Winner Hailey Buhre

Scores of students took part in the IES Kista Photo Competition and there were some fantastic entries. 

The students were asked to take a photograph which captures a moment from their day. 

Many of the IES Kista staff voted for their favourite and although the competition was tough, these were the winners.

Year 7 Runner Up - Azka Humair

Well done to everyone took part.

Ms Dunnell  Art Teacher

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Höstterminen 2020
Terminstart - 19e Augusti
Avslutning  - 18e December

Vårterminen 2021
Terminstart - 12e Januari
Avslutning - 11e Juni

Höstlov - vecka 44 - 26e Oktober- 1a November
Jullov - 2020, 21a December - 2021, 11e Januari
Sportlov - vecka 9 - 1 Mars februari - 7e Februari
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Activity Week and Team Kista Talk

Activity Week at IES Kista - Staff v Year 9 Football Match

Dear all,

Finally we got some warmth and sun this weekend, I had my first swim in the lake close to where I live and it was cold but worth it!

The coming week is Activity Week at IES Kista, this means that your class will be out of school for an activity for one of the days during the week. What the students will be doing and when, depends on which class or year group they belong to. The information about this has been given to the children in Mentor time and is also shared on SchoolSoft.

Since we are closing in on the end of year and summer is just around the corner, this week's Team Kista Talk is about the necessity of recuperation

It has surely been a testing term for all of us, so use the summer to relax and build up your energy for the school start in August!



Mikael Ö. Huhta



Från rektorn

The last week in May and Team Kista Talk

Blossom outside IES Kista

Dear all,

We are now entering the last week in May and this means lots of work needs to be handed in for our students, and our teachers and staff are working as hard as they can to make sure the students can show all the knowledge accumulated during the year. I am so proud of how our school has worked during these troubled times but now is not the time to relax, but the time to focus and make sure we all finish well.

The coming weeks after this one will be a little bit different with outdoor activities and excursions so you could say this is the last normal week of the academic year. Hopefully, we can have some luck with the weather in June and our students can enjoy some sun before school ends.

This week's Team Kista Talk is on cognitive load and can be found here! Cognitive load is an important concept to understand for teachers, students, and parents since it is part of the reason for our pedagogical philosophy at IES Kista and also one of the reasons why we do not allow mobile phones in school.

Your Principal,

Mikael Ö. Huhta