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Exciting times ahead for IES Kista

We’ve just completed a fantastic first year with the largest start up in the organisation. Demand for places at IES Kista continues to increase and as of today we have 2998 students waiting for a place at IES Kista. For this reason, in August 2016, we have decided to expand the school from 18 classes, 550 students to 25 classes, 750 students.  

In order to accommodate all of the students we will be moving into the ground floor on the other side of our building where will have 10 new classrooms, 2 art rooms, 2 textile rooms. We will also have an additional playground which will include a large football court, a basketball court, outdoor table tennis tables, trampolines and gymnastic bars.

The existing building will have a new library and 4 science labs, 2 wood work rooms. We are also in the process of converting an existing auditorium into our second gym hall. All classrooms and group rooms will be fully equipped with projectors, screens and sound systems. The learning centre is also expanding.

We have completed our recruitment for the next academic year and are pleased to advise that we now have ten qualified Swedish teachers with lärarelegitamition on our team.  

We have additional teachers in every other department as well.

We have also increased our Student Care and Development Team. We have employed three special teachers who will be focusing on Mathematics, English and Swedish and we have an additional counsellor and nurse. We also have a career counsellor and have extended support on the playgrounds and recreational areas with a new member of the Student Development team who will focus on these areas.  




Principal McGowan

House Day

House Day

Monday 25th April saw all the four houses compete in another House Day. This House Day had a twist in that rather than directly competing against each other, students worked together in house teams to complete group tasks in order to accumulate house points. Those activities included bridge building, designing board games, performance challenges and literature writing. Also, as a school first, all students in the same house got to eat lunch together and shared in the house spirit.

The winner of this house day was house Hammerström, accumulating 1013 points to defeat Celsius by just 17.

House Points

At IES Kista, we have a house system where students are divided into four separate groups.

Named after famous Swedish scientists, these houses form the base of the school’s community and each student will remain in their house throughout their time at IES Kista.

Students have been able to gain house points for going above and beyond our expectations with different tasks.

From now until the end of term, students will be able to convert their house points into different events around the school. Many of these events will take place in the House Week at the end of term. However, the first of these events took place on Thursday 14th April, where three house points earned students the chance to watch a movie together in our Auditorium. Another movie night is coming up on Thursday 28th April.


Sun Shines On Spring Sports Day

We were extremely lucky to have glorious weather in Kista this April 12th for the Spring Sports Day.

On this day our students descended on nearby Kvarnbacka BP to compete in various sporting activities. There were some classics, such as a house football tournament and sprint competitions alongside old favourites such as traditional kubb and the teamwork challenge of a balloon balancing race.

Divided up to represent the school’s four houses, students completed each of the challenges in mixed year group teams designed to allow students to meet new teammates.

A highlight, at the end of the day, saw the school’s best footballers in Year 7 and 8 take on a team of our staff. The staff came off the pitch victorious! Let’s see if next year, all one year older, if we will get the same result…

School Council Receive Entrepreneurship Training

School Council Receive Entrepreneurship Training

What Is Entreprenuership?: Johan Bengtsson shared his ideas with the School Council

On Tuesday 22nd March the IES Kista School Council had a whole day training session to develop their role further.

The session was led by Johan Bengtsson, a 2nd year gymnasium student at Viktor Rydberg Odenplan. Johan combined his studies in entrepreneurship, which involve him being CEO of youth company Piece of Keys, with his previous experience at President of the IES Täby School Council. Students learned about the theory of entrepreneurship and about how to apply that to a school context to improve our school further.

As a part of the workshop students walked around the school and assessed each area for their likes and dislikes. These ideas were shared all together and presented to the school management to continue their co-operation with the School Council.

We would like to thank Johan for his time to deliver the workshop and inspiring our School Council to develop further.