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Lilla Kista Melodifestivalen

Lilla Kista Melodifestivalen

Our Excellent Host Joline: Interviewing jury member Richard Taylor from Eurovision Ireland and EuroVoix

What a pleasure it was to attend the Lilla Kista Melodifestivalen on Friday 11th March.

A huge thank you has to go to each member of staff and students who made the show possible. Never before have I seen such a joyous occasion take place in the school, with students bringing in home-made banners to cheer on their friends and a show as slick in production as the real thing. The warmth each act received from the audience was telling of the great atmosphere we have within our school combined with the huge culture of Melodifestivalen that is such a big deal here in Sweden. Everybody left with a smile on their face after a great show.

I thought the winning act was fantastic. I am looking forward to their future performances both for our older students in April, but also performing live at the Eurovision Village in Kungsträgården. With the Eurovision Song Contest coming to Stockholm what a wonderful chance it is for our new school to be a part of the festivities.

Maybe some of our school stars will become the stars of the future? Only time will tell of course, but by providing opportunities like this we are able to kick start those possibilities for all our students. It's not only those on stage that might make it big, our technical team for the show doing all the lights and sounds were all excellent students who followed their prompts with brilliant precision. Yes the atmosphere in the Auditorium was brilliant, but what made me even more proud was to see how every decision through the ninety-minute show was being made by our own students. That was a pleasure, and you could really see how educational this entire experience was.

Energetic Emily: With her troupe of dancers on stageEnergetic Emily: With her troupe of dancers on stageIn just over one month we have the next round of the competition, where our Year 6, 7 and 8 students will compete singing songs in German, French or Spanish, raising the difficulty level. However we still have a huge list of singers wanting to take part in the big party, and I for one can not wait for the next episode.

Huge Numbers Sign Up For Melodifestivalen

Over forty different acts have auditioned for roles in the two ‘Melodifestivalen’ competitions IES Kista is running in March and April of this year.

First up on Friday 11th March is Lilla Melodifestivalen, the competition for students in Year 4 or 5 performing in English. 28 different acts auditioned for the 8 places in the final show.

“Selecting the final few was obviously tricky,” said organiser Mr. Robertson, “but I’m hopeful that we’ve selected a wide variety of students from different classes and the show is going to be fantastic.”

The after-school show will be judged by Eurovision experts and fans who will be in Stockholm attending the final of the ‘real’ Melodifestivalen.

The winning act from that show will then take part as an interval act in Kista Melodifestivalen. This competition for older students had 13 different acts audition, a remarkable number considering students need to sing in German, French or Spanish in this competition.

The winners of that competition will then compete against other schools in the IES Eurovision competition, this year to be held in Gävle in May.


Guitar Ensembles Start Making Music Together

Guitar Ensembles Start Making Music Together

Students in Year 6 and 7 have been offered the chance to join our new guitar ensemble group, rehearsing on a Tuesday afternoon after lesson time.

Going above and beyond the normal curriculum, music teacher Mr. Brown's aim in these sessions is to teach the students classical guitar technique. His goal is for the guitar ensemble to perform together at school events.

Watch this space for more news on our guitar ensemble and also our school choir!

Taste Testing At School Lunches

At IES, part of our ethos is that all students have the chance to enjoy a healthy, nutritious lunch every day. At IES Kista, we work hard to help our students make those healthy choices. One of our latest additions has been the ‘Farmer’s Market’ where students get to taste new foods with their friends.

In its first week, our caterers brought out carrots to try. Not just ordinary carrots, but an array of yellow, red and purple carrots!. With one of the chefs slicing them at rapid speed, students were captivated and all enjoyed their first taste of a new food.A few days later we included some of the multi-coloured carrot selection in our salad bar and they were a firm favourite!

Eating well is an important factor in the balance of school life at IES Kista, and we hope these steps make it even easier for the future.


Parents Welcomed For Parents Evening

Throughout week 5 parents and guardians were invited into school for Mentor & Parent evenings. Each evening began with a presentation from Mr. McGowan, the Principal of IES Kista, discussing the success of the new school and his vision for the future. In his presentation Mr. McGowan revealed the plans for IES Kista to expand from 18 classes to 30 classes by the start of 2018/19.

After the presentation, parents and staff met in the dining room to enjoy a quick fika break and a brief opportunity to meet the catering staff who run our lunch room each day. This was followed by class meetings led by the mentors.

Parents and guardians will be invited into school again next month when we have the SPT (Student Parent Teacher) meetings. These biannual meeting allow for students progress to be monitored and discussed as well as setting realistic goals for the future. This is, of course, in addition to the monthly contact all mentors maintain with their parents and guardians via telephone and email.