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Från rektorn

Team Meitner Visit The Opera

To congratulate the winning house of Meitner for winning both House Days last term the students were treated to a day at the Opera.

All the mighty Meitners from Year 4 to Year 8 visited the Royal Palace in the centre of Stockholm on Tuesday 19th February.

Year 7 Meitners Emil Karlsson, Samuel Haghdoost and Nohr Daniel spoke about their experiences after the school.

“We left school and took a train to Kungsträdgården, and from there we walked to the Royal Palace. We had time to walk around the Palace before going into the theatre.

There were loads of sculptures, and statues and the roof was gigantic. It was impressive.

The show was great. The music was really emotional, and the performance of music from  ‘Schlinder’s List’ almost made me cry.”

More House Days, and rewards for winning houses, are scheduled for later in the term. Soon students will be able to convert the House Points they have individually collected throughout the term for their own personal prizes.