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Thank you - From Steam club

Thank you - From Steam club

The last mobility of the Erasmus Steam project went smoothly at IES Kista. It was conducted between 22nd and 26th March, 2021 at the Steam club. The virtual mobility was designed by the Italy team with the theme being 'Leonardo DaVinci and his contribution to Art and Science'. Around 30 students and 12 teachers  participated across the week from IES Kista.We shared our ideas and reflections virtually with other 5 countries - Ireland, Romania, Latvia, Italy and Turkey. We all enjoyed, learned and will pass our learning throughout the school and community. Thanks to Erasmus and IES Kista.



Day 1 Mona Lisa drawing

Day 2 Prospectograph

Day 3 Parachute

Day 4 Volcano

Day 5 Mystery mirror image

Final day

Team Kista Talk - Choose a wide path

Team Kista Talk - Choose a wide path

Choosing a good path is not always easy.

But as Mr Östling Huhta explains in this week’s video, education can help give you options so that you can create the widest path for yourself.

Watch this week's Team Kista Talk here, or find it on our school Instagram, @iesk.kista.

Team Kista Talk - Appreciate the now

Team Kista Talk - Appreciate the now

It’s easy to look for things that are going wrong in life, especially in these times. But as Mr Östling Huhta says in this week’s Team Kista Talk, it’s important to find a way to appreciate the “now”.

As we come close to the end of the school year, now is the time to focus on building on what you have already learned so that you finish strongly academically.

As always, you can find this video and more on our school Instagram account, @iesk.kista.