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Allahjärtans dag disco

Allahjärtans dag disco

Årskurs 9 höll en kväll full av dans och glädje for de yngre årskurserna. Alla studenter hade det bra, åt massa godis, spelade Nintendo switch spel och visade deras senaste danssteg. Bra jobbat av alla årskurs 9 som arrangerade och ansvarade för eventet! 


En dag för galna hattar och hårfrisyrer

En dag för galna hattar och hårfrisyrer

Finns det ett bättre att fira en fredag än att ha en galen hatt och hårdag. Den 8 februari hölls ett event för studenter och personal i hopp om att skapa en positiv miljö och bara ha roligt! Som framgår av bilderna var atmosfären uppskruvad och energirik under hela dagen. 


Open House 23 January

Open House 23 January

On 23 January our school opened its doors to welcome families who were eager to find out more about the school and how we inspire young minds. (Image above: The SO department welcoming questions from visitors)

Students and management greeting visitors
One of two art rooms
Visitors exploring the school and speaking to the maths department

The families were taken on guided tours led by small groups of students. They were ushered throughout the school to each department waiting to introduce themselves and answer any and all valuable questions the parents and potential students had to ask. 

Our passionate science department 

Some students volunteered to stayed behind and fill the rooms with activity, giving the visitors a glimpse at everyday life in IES Kista. Some families even left with their own practical hands on experience such as making a pillow in textiles and cooking with the teacher in the home economics kitchen. 

Textile rooms
Woodwork room
The swedish department displayed some of their resources

Our principle held an information Q & A outlining the school values and objectives, with honest on the spot input from the students themselves. 

Students helping with the Q & A session

We look forward to the next open house and welcome all visitors with open arms. 

STEAM club trip to Turkey

STEAM club trip to Turkey

Project  financed by European Union.

We are creating STEAM embassies in the European schools network

Strategic Partnership Erasmus plus KA229 Project 2018-2020


‘We are creating steam embassies’ is a project granted by European Union to share best practices and increase digital competencies across 6 nations. IES is part of 6 schools across 6 countries who will create Steam clubs to promote Steam work.

Mobility to turkey

Day 1 - We started our journey from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport at 11.15 am. The journey was exciting and with the view of the sun setting in the background we arrived at Istanbul and took the next flight to Mersin. All of us were tired and went to bed directly after we reached the airport.


Day 2 - Students and teachers were taken to the school involved in the project. We were overwhelmed by the Turkish hospitality. We met the Principal to inaugurate the project. All the students and teachers from different countries went to the assembly hall and we were introduced to each other. It was very interesting to see each country coordinator introducing  their school and the working portfolio. We could see the variety of educational systems in different countries working with the same goal. It was fascinating to see how all countries speak the same scientific language. All of us were very hopeful and confident that this project will help us all to grow interest in learners in the STEAM fields. A presentation by Dr Engin Karahan on ‘Stem and its misconceptions’ was conducted which enlightened us on different concepts of Stem and its usage.

After having a taste of Turkish lunch, students had team building exercises.  Icebreakers helped bond the students to connect across countries. They enjoyed playing Mind-games while sipping hot chocolate.

Teachers in the meantime were taken for a tour of the Steam club and the Music room. We assembled again in the lullaby of the Turkish History room to enjoy a tea break while informally mingling with the teachers.We discussed on how to go about with the other mobilities, lots of discussion happened around how to merge the good practices in the Steam field. All the teachers looked very excited and involved in the discussions. We had Turkish interpreters working very closely which helped all of us immensely to understand every aspect of Turkish culture.

We went back to the hotel where we met the host families and children went to stay with the host families.


Day 3 - Dr Engin Karahan introduced us to concept of STEM in details the next day. The presentation was very informative and useful to set the goal for teachers and students. He also involved us into thought provoking activities.


The Pelican activity on making a nest that would protect the eggs perfectly, made the students think of how to build a unbreakable nest for a pelican with maximum eggs. The teachers and the students were instantly involved and we made a nest with 7 eggs. 5 eggs survived the ‘drop’ and we had the opportunity to talk discuss about trial and error involvded in learning of science and about the importance of cushioning the nest more to save the eggs in case the nest drops.



Designing a 'housing development project' was the second activity which made us to think about how to build a environment friendly community taking care of ‘Runoff’ issues. Our students designed a community that was capable of accommodating high income sources but also was equally innovative in dealing with runoff issues.


The day had a perfect balance between theory and practical understanding of STEAM. It  ended with powerful winds hitting the seaside town. We still managed to enjoy the evening at the cafeteria and went to the hotel room for a blissful sleep.


Day 4 started with black clouds hovering over the city. This day was differently scheduled with more focus on working with scientific activities. In the morning session we worked with building simple circuits. Students made holiday cards to work with blinking colourful LEDs and presented their product in front each other. They were very appreciative of each others work sharing great ideas across.Dr Ganime Aidin conducted this session.

We tasted a wonderful turkish lunch served at the hotel. We went back to the second session packed with a lot of energy. Students started to explore electricity in depth. They went one step ahead to create series and parallel connections with LEDs making hand drawn cards for their families. It was a perfect mix of Science, technology and arts.

The day ended with a cultural night with music, dance and Turkish food. The host families cooked a lavish dinner for all the participants. We enjoyed the night at the Sports centre of Mersin where the cultural night was hosted. We also enjoyed a turkish drama. All the participants joined hands and danced together to end the ceremony.

Day 5- It was the day to design a car using materials provided. Students competed with each other to show which car can travel the fastest. Dr Hikmet Sormeli from the renowned Mersin University conducted the event.

We also met the Educational Director of Mersin where students received their Steam Ambassadors trophy.

In the evening, students enjoyed time with the host families and were really happy at the end  to have been able to make new friends.

Day 6 - It was the last day. The certificate distribution ceremony was organized in the morning. All the countries exchanged gifts with each other. We all were thankful to the Turkey Coordinator for making our conference a huge success. 

We went for a cultural visit to the old town of Tarsus to St. Paul’s Church and his birth place. The guide was very informative and we tasted delicious Turkish tea at the Bazaar.

It was evening and time to say goodbye to each other. We wished each other a safe journey. We are now looking forward to meet the countries here in Stockholm in April.


Day 7 - We took the flight home and safely landed Arlanda where the parents were waiting patiently. It was a very exciting trip to Turkey and we look towards the next trip with an eagerness  to learn more about STEAM and get more connected across nations.


Open House 23 January 18:00 - 20:00

Open House 23 January 18:00 - 20:00

Visit IES Kista’s open house from 18:00-20:00 on Wednesday, January 23, at Isafjordsgatan 39.

IES believes every student can achieve their full potential through:

  • A safe and orderly environment, where teachers can teach and students learn.
  • High academic expectations.
  • Command of the English language – the key to the world. Up to half of our teaching is in English, performed by certi ed native English-speaking teachers.

At our open house you will meet students, teachers and school leaders. During guided tours you will see what life is like at IES Kista.

Visit today to learn more or join the queue.
For more information call 072-987 60 59 or write to