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Welcome to Junior Club!

Welcome to Junior Club!

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista and to Junior Club.  What is Junior Club? It is an after school care for grades 4, and 5 where students hang out with their friends, meet new ones, participate in different  activities such as sports, crafts, dance, experiments, baking/cooking, sewing and have lots of fun in a safe, supervised environment.  

At the end of the week we wind down with a movie in the aula and some popcorn. Junior club is open daily from 13:00 till 17:00 everyday.  Each day, members will be provided with an after school snack. Please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Parada ( any inquiries or concerns regarding Junior Club.

Here are some of the exciting activitys that Junior club as done so far...

Students can choose between daily activities and tasks which range between dance club, ping pong and sewing. The Junior Club Coordinator, Ms. Parada, also plans special weekly craft activities and individual challenges which students can choose to learn how to complete. Each of these activities usually relate to the season or school calendar, this creates structure and continuity for the students.

The special craft project for December was the Advent Calendar project. Students made the entire structure and finished off the project with some impressive decoration. 

Students can also play with the latest Nintendo Switch console and games.

Once per term the entire Junior Club embarks on a field trip, above you can see the visit to the Natural history Museum. 

Wednesday is a 'Special Day' at junior club. Each week the students are guided through a unique task. So far the tasks have ranged between Science experiments in the science lab, baking in the home ec room and string art in the woodwork room. 

'Strawbees' special day activity.

The 'special day' during December included gingerbread house decorating. All the students had fun while practicing how to work together. 

End of term party!

The end of term party was a great success, the students had a range of games and challenges to complete. After the food was served they could 'smash' their gingerbread houses and enjoy the spoils. With a quick costume change for the photo booth students could finish off the party with a dance battle. 

Nobel dinner

Nobel dinner

The Nobel dinner at IES Kista is inspired by great academic achievers. This dinner is an acknowledgment for top academic achievers in grade 6, 7, & 8.

One student in each subject for each year group is chosen to attend the dinner, they are then awarded for their achievement by the Head of Department. 

A big congratulations goes to the following nominees.

Sebri Hussein Nuru, Téa von Ulitzen, Lev Iunoshev

Erika Westman, Axel Wennerberg, Tara Ali

Felix Davoyan, Feruz Rozaev, Yotam Abraha

Adrian Fernandes, Jacopo Nishimura, Bilal Mustefa

Zaniar Ibrahim, Emilia Nunes Nykvist, Lucas Cederlund

Emma Landsmann, Mira Brusin, Artin Heydari

Cornelia Hellberg, Carl-Johan Agebratt, Lollo Naser Abdulah

Zoe Hyde, Fanny Adolfsson , Melvin Abrander

Emily Parada, Yumeng Wang, Vincent Villanueva, Gabrielle Popa

A big thank you to Tomas Ortlieb and Lenovo for supplying these awesome backpacks for the winners. 

Zaniar Ibrahim: -PE, Yotam Abraha - english, Zoe Hyde - SO, Yumeng Wang - mathematics 

Vincent Villanueva - swedish, Emily Parada - science, Adrian Fernandes - aesthetics, Téa von Ulitze - modern foreign language

Cornelia Hellberg was awarded the Peace prize by IES Kista PTA members Lena and Stuart. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

Students were greeted with a welcome drink then seated at elegantly decorated tables. 

Starter: cauliflower soup with edible flowers

Main: Delicous chicken wellington

Dessert: Chocolate bomb with berries and ice-cream 

All the credit for the amazing menu goes to Mr. Brunelle, Chef Fred and the team is the school kitchen. 

Mr. Östling Huhta giving his opening speech.  

All the guests had fun and said that this was a unique experience that they will never forget.

Thank you to the teachers who made this evening a success. 


Kista football team wins!

Kista football team wins!

Vi tog emot en senansökan till tävlingen och var väldigt tacksamma och stolta över dessa studenter:

- Årskurs 9 : Daniar, Zinedine, Kafui, Elli 

- Årskurs 8 : Vanja, Karar, Neo

-Årskurs 7 : Rugjia, Jardell

Med minsta insläppta mål och 15 gjorda mål på 4 matcher Vann IES Kista stockholm fotbollstävling. Resultatet av sista matchen blev 6-4 till EIS Kista efter en 4-0 ledning som var en chock för motståndaren. Alla spelade bra och deltog hela vägen ,  vi gick därifrån med stolthet över vår prestation för EIS Kista och för laget.

Well done to the team!




Uppdatering om spindeljakten poster tävlingen

Studenterna i årskurs 8 och 9 (STEAM club studenter) har gjort posters i ämnet spindeljakten. En jury i skolan valde ut den bästa postern och den blev nominerad till att delta i finalrundorna i tävlingen som hålls i nobelmuseet. Den vinnande postern kommer att visas i det avslutande Spindeljakten konferanset som hålls i nobelmuseet den 7nde december.

De två studenterna som ska representera IES på nobelmuseet är Marie-Gabriella Popa och Carl-Johan Agebratt.

’Det var ett samarbete mellan naturkunskaps, ,svenska- och estiska avdelningen. Jag skulle vilja tacka Mr. Wenström ( HOD , svenska avdelningen) och Ms.Fagerlund (estiska avdelningen) för att de hjälpte oss att göra den sista versionen av postern. Bäst av lycka till IES team Kista' – Ms. Banerjee ( naturvetenskap lärare och projekt kordinator för spindeljakten).