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Uppdatering om spindeljakten poster tävlingen

Studenterna i årskurs 8 och 9 (STEAM club studenter) har gjort posters i ämnet spindeljakten. En jury i skolan valde ut den bästa postern och den blev nominerad till att delta i finalrundorna i tävlingen som hålls i nobelmuseet. Den vinnande postern kommer att visas i det avslutande Spindeljakten konferanset som hålls i nobelmuseet den 7nde december.

De två studenterna som ska representera IES på nobelmuseet är Marie-Gabriella Popa och Carl-Johan Agebratt.

’Det var ett samarbete mellan naturkunskaps, ,svenska- och estiska avdelningen. Jag skulle vilja tacka Mr. Wenström ( HOD , svenska avdelningen) och Ms.Fagerlund (estiska avdelningen) för att de hjälpte oss att göra den sista versionen av postern. Bäst av lycka till IES team Kista' – Ms. Banerjee ( naturvetenskap lärare och projekt kordinator för spindeljakten).

Maths competition

Maths competition

On Tuesday 13th the qualifying round for the HMT maths competition took place. It was aimed at grades 7-9 but all students were welcome to participate. Many students were extremely excited about this. Here is more informtion about HMT. 

Mr. A. McKenzie-Onah

Mathematics teacher / Head of mathematics


About HMT

High School Mathematics Competition is a nationwide mathematics competition for the country's elementary school students. The purpose of the competition is to stimulate interest in mathematics and mathematics studies. The competition will test the students' problem solving skills, creativity and imagination. It does not require any mathematical skills other than a ninth grade class can be expected. The focus is primarily on logical thinking and problem solving, as well as being able to express themselves in mathematical language.

The competition is open to all primary school students and is conducted in two rounds. The first round, conducted in November, is a qualifying round. The grade is carried out at the schools and consists of six problems to be solved in two hours. The best are submitted to the Competition Committee Competition Committee, to get as fair a judgment as possible. Of these, they submitted around 50 best for a final round. This final will be held in late January in Stockholm. The final round also contains six problems. This time the competition time is three hours and the rules are simple; the one with the most points wins.

High school mathematics competition also consists of a team competition. The team competition is also available to prize and highlight schools that have made successful maths efforts. One school's top three results in the qualifying competition are counted together and constitute the school's team results.



Science Autumn Term Update

Science Autumn Term Update

Science this term has been exciting. We started the term out with a trip to google (In collaboration with the Maths Department) with some year 5 students.   They got to explore the google offices, and attend a seminar on coding. Each student got to take home a google bot.


9c got to visit Eriksson and experience a car that was being driven remotely from France.


STEAM Club has been up and running.  The club has received a grant from ERASMUS+, and is preparing for their first of five trips to visit schools in other EU countries.  We are currently also preparing for the five school to visit IES Kista in April. The goal of the project is to exchange science teaching and learning techniques and to compare curriculums, learning from each other.

STEAM club has currently been experimenting with the  new 3D printer. The printer is also used in technology class alongside CAD  drafting.


The project with the Nobel Museum and Umea University has come to a close.  Students collected Spiders from Umea University. The University has returned the data and  the students has created posters based on their data. The posters will be entered into a contest with the other participating schools, with the winner receiving tickets to the Nobel Dinner.

IES Kista has also been given the opportunity to test out the web based version of Sensavis, a science, technology, and maths visualization tool.  Students were tasked with creating a youtube style video explaining the complex process of mitosis.


Over the summer we had students participate in  Inicio’s summer school program. Where our students worked on planning and prototyping possible fountains for use in Kista.  


In year 6 they have been studying space, and the students had to get creative about using recycled materials to create a solar system.  

Thank you for your continued support, we could not do it without you!

Joshua Houpt

Head of Science, Mentor 9B

Teacher of Science

After school clubs at IES Kista

After school clubs at IES Kista



STEAM Club:15.20-16.20 in the Science Labs

What we offer students: 15-20 students from Grade 4 - 7 do small projects based on Science and technology related topics.  They have taken part in designing the STEAM Logo for the club, 3D Printing workshop etc in the last couple of weeks. Students will attend a Robotics workshop at Tekniska Museum in the last week of November. 10-12 students from Grade 8-9, are working on the Forskarhajlpan Project (effect of drugs on animals)conducted by Nobel Museum. They are now making posters for the Poster Competition on the topic stated earlier. This club will be the main focus for the ERASMUS Project and so will be taking part in various joint ventures with other countries like Romania, Ireland, Turkey, etc.

Staff: Mr. Houpt, Ms. Banerjee, Mr. OBrian

Dungeons & Dragons club: 15:30 to 17:30 in B12 classroom

We set out on adventures and conquests within the D&D world. We welcome all thieves, wizards and warriors! 

Staff: Mr. V. Falkendal 

Running Club: 15:30-16:30

Beginner level, Students & Staff are all welcome. Meeting point at the reception area.

Staff: Mr.Raftery & Mr.Johnson

Gymnastics club: 3.45 - 4.45.

Location: Gym Hall 1

Staff: Ms. Thom


Math competition Club

5:30 - 16:30 in B12

What we offer students: 10 - 15 students from Grade 4 - 9 attend and work on math competition questions. Students also learn about different maths ideas, topics and techniques that are not necessarily part of LGR11 Core Content. This takes place through demonstrations, discussions, videos, activities, team tasks, physical activities and other means. Lots of other plans also in the works.

Staff: McKenzie-Onah, Anderle, Hassan, Johnson.

Ping Pong Club: 14.30 - 16.00 in the Location: Gym Hall 2

Staff: Ms. Garcia, Ms. Sahakyan

Chill Club: 11:15 - 11:30 Gym 2

The 'Chill' club but is essentially a place where we will be teaching mindfulness meditation techniques and providing a quiet space for group meditation. 

Mr Dunnell and Ms Anderle


Chill Club: 11:15 - 11:30 Gym 2

The 'Chill' club but is essentially a place where we will be teaching mindfulness meditation techniques and providing a quiet space for group meditation. 

Mr Dunnell and Ms Anderle


Student Recording Sessions: 3:30 to 4:30

Location: Recording Studio

Staff: Mr. Brown

Choir: 15:30-16:30.

Location: Auditorium

Staff: Ms. Hindrichs


Manga Club 9:45-10:45 in C7. 

In The Manga and Comics Club we will be designing characters that will help us tell a story. The club will be based very much on the participants different interests in comics.

Staff: Mr. Guariglia

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night

Our first Open Mic Night for this academic year was a huge success showcasing more student and staff performances than ever before.

The show ranged from dancing, singing, instrumental performances by students and staff members.

Thank you to all the performers and audience members for making the evening a huge success.

Mr. Brown

Teacher of Music

K-pop dance
Year 5 student sinigng performance
Ms. Baker (Math Teacher) instrumental
Dance performance, year 4
Staff band: Mr Thompson, Mr Brown, Ms Hindrichs
Audience loving the show
Year 6 student performing 4 songs on his accordion
Year 8 student accompanied by Mr Brown (Music Teacher)
Year 5 student singing accompanied by a year 9 student on guitar