Junior Club

Junior Club

IES Kista Junior Club is an after school care provision for grades 4 and 5 where students can enjoy a range of activities in a safe and supervised environment.  The club is open daily from 13:00 till 17:00.

Junior Club Newsletter

September 2020

Over the last month we have focused on back to school to help make the start a little easier.

In Craft the students made:

  • a pencil case (Some students were so inventive they made a phone holder for themselves and their parents) 
  • a lanyard for locker keys
  • a gym bag

For the Challenge (This is a longer project lasting 2-3 weeks) the students created: 

  • Holiday scrapbook

On the Special Day (Wednesday after snack) the students did:

  • Bingo
  • Pretzel Bites
  • Scavenger Hunt 

Please remember to text us when you are here to collect your child. The name and the class to 0736257493

Junior Club sept 2020   Junior Club sept 2020

Junior Club sept 2020   Junior Club sept 2020


Every day Junior Club members can participate in different activities such as sports, crafts, dance, science experiments, baking/cooking and sewing. Students can also play with the latest Nintendo Switch console and games. At the end of the week the students wind down with a movie in the aula and some popcorn. Students will be provided with an after school snack.

Junior Club Activities   Activities at Junior Club   Junior Club more activities

Junior Club Coordinator, Ms. Parada, also plans special weekly craft activities and individual challenges. These activities usually relate to the season or school calendar and can help to creates structure and continuity for the students.

  Junior Club   Junior Club racing robots   Junior Club - Making gingerbread houses   Junior Club - making slime  


Once per term the entire Junior Club embarks on a field trip. Previous trips have included visits to the Natural History Museum and Exploria.  

Junior Club - exploria   Junior Club

  Junior club - field trip  

For more information about Junior Club please contact the school reception or Ms. Parada (ethel.parada.kista@engelska.se).