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Erasmus STEAM Project comes to an end

Erasmus STEAM Project comes to an end

For the past few years, IES Kista has been participating in an eTwinning/Erasmus Plus project called "We Are Creating STEAM Embassies in the European Partner Network" along with 6 schools from the 6 different countries involved in the project.

The team - which included students and teachers from Sweden, Ireland, Romania, Turkey, Italy, and Latvia - have put together a STEAM eBook documenting their process and the projects and activities they took part in over the 2.5 years of this EU-funded project.

You can see the eBook here.

World Champion IES Kista Going Above and Beyond. 

For one of IESKista’s students the sky really is the limit. 

Ayla Hossain Hallberg in 7A recently smashed the world record for high jump for 12 year old girls, when she jumped an amazing 1.77 metres. 

12-year-old Ayla works very hard to develop her track and field skills. She is a member of Turebergs FK in Sollentuna and trains four to five evenings a week all year round. 

She said: “I’ve been doing athletics for six years. I do the high jump, 60 metres, 200 meters, 60 meter hurdles, long jump and sometimes triple jump too.” In fact, in addition to being a high-jump world champion, she is just 2 centimeters away the European record in the long jump and has already leapt 5.74 metres. 

She was named world champion at the Sayo Sollentuna competition on Saturday November 30th. Ayla was doing really well in the competition and when she jumped 1.64 metres her coach said to her ‘Keep going, you can jump higher.”

“I didn’t realise until they announced it over the loud-speaker that I had got the world record and I couldn’t believe it. I was so surprised and felt so happy.”

I asked Ayla whether she gets nervous in her competitions. She said: “I don’t really think about it, I just focus on the height and go for it.”

The athletics season is finished for this year, so Ayla doesn’t have any more competitions coming up. Ayla, who turns 13 in December, said: “My next challenge is to see if I can jump any higher.”