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School Clothes Now Available

School Clothes 2020

The webshop is now open for IES Kista families! Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there will unfortunately be no chance to try on the clothes at school, but sizing information is available on the website.

The deadline to order is Monday 28 September 2020. Orders will be delivered to the school in week 45.



Nu kan ni beställa skolkläder på webbutiken! 

På grund av Covid-19 kan vi tyvärr inte erbjuda provkläder på skolan. I webbshoppen finns måttabeller samt tips och råd om storlekar.

Sista beställningsdag är måndagen 28 september 2020. Beställningar levereras till skolan under vecka 45. 


Student Work

Learning DNA through Origami

DNA Origami

In Science year five students have been learning about DNA with some help from origami.

By using paper folding students can visualize the DNA structures and this helps them to understand.

Science teacher Mr Houpt, who is the brains behind the DNA origami project, said: "It can be difficult for students to picture and find patterns."  

"Students with origami can see the shape and relate it to something they saw.  Students can also begin to relate that certain "letters" (bases) are always paired up.  It's all about year 5  seeing not just believing in the shapes and patterns found in science."

DNA Origami



IES Kista's Five Year Anniversary

IES Plaque

The start of the Autumn term 2020 sees the fifth anniversary of Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES) Kista. 

In August 2015 IES Kista officially opened its door for the first time, at that time. The start up was the biggest ever attempted in the organisation, with 18 different classes beginning from years 4 to 8.  On the first day Barbara Bergströn, the CEO and founder of the IES company officially opened the building. There were approximately 550 students who enrolled for their first day of education in the new building. Since then the school has expanded to 930 students in years 4 to 9 with five parallel classes in each year group. 

The school has now become a solid member of the Kista community, creating a positive influence in the area. One of the aims of the school is to provide its students with as many opportunities as possible.  

For over a quarter of a century IES has offered families a clear alternative for education. In that time the company has grown from a beginning where Ms Bergstöm had to ask for donated furniture and clean the school herself on weekend to manage its economy, to a company now operating 36 schools, with 26,000 students and an annual turnover of 2.5 billion SEK. 

“Our conviction is that every child can achieve success irrespective of social background” said Ms Bergström. 

IES Kista's fifth anniversary