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IES Kista hosts IES Academics Conference

IES Kista hosts IES Academics Conference

Being an excellent and well-situated venue, IES Kista hosted a two-day Academics Conference on the 7th and 8th September.

The conference's main focus was the importance of grit to achieve success and enhance academic and life performance.

Grit as an academics success-related concept is becoming increasingly important in a rapidly changing, digitalised a-click-away world. The aim is to show students the significance of perseverance, determination and tenacity in order to overcome difficulties, deal with setbacks as well as how approach new challenges by using existing knowledge and skills by applying them to new situations and contexts.


The other main topic at the conference was how to build on present strength so as to make IES schools even more successful academically speaking. Accurate recruitment, hiring and professional development in middle management is considered to be a key factor.

The outcome was was highly satisfactory and the conference was attended by some 90 people involved in academics at IES - mainly Principals and Assistant Principals -  and by key people from the Head Office.

From the Principal

IES Kista rolls out Red Carpet for Students

IES Kista rolls out Red Carpet for Students

Wanting to make our students feel like the stars they truly are in our School, we decided to treat them to a special welcome on their first day back after the summer break.

Waiting eagerly to tread the Hollywood style carpet, the pupils were heartily greeted by the School Management and then walked in awe, smiling confidently, full of new hopes, dreams and expecations for this Academic Year.

At IES Kista we are are very proud to announce that we have expanded to 900 students and some 100 staff for 2017-18, only our third year. On behalf of everyone, I would like to offer you all a warm welcome to our School. We look forward to having you and it is our ambition to really make you feel at home.

I am confident that all of us are determined to make this the best year ever and that we count on students and staff alike to help make it happen.

And all the parents and guardians too, of course.

Welcome to IES Kista

From the Principal

Teacher Open House

What happens at IES, what makes IES so different? A question often asked by teachers and parents alike. We would like to offer all teachers in Stockholm the opportunity to visit IES Kista for the day, from the 10th – 12th of April 2017. This unique Teacher Open House will give teachers the opportunity to network, share information and observe how IES Kista runs. Visiting teachers will be paired with a host teacher, shadow the day to day routines and have an insightful feedback session.

To book a place, teachers should email:


Please include your full name and subject of interest. A full programme will be published once numbers are confirmed.

From the Principal

IES Kista, a global community of excellence!

Internationella Engelska Skolan offers a unique learning experience, where both English and Swedish are taught and spoken to ensure students are bilingual at the end of Grade 9. IES Kista is a global community focusing on excellence in all areas. 41 Languages are taught as home languages and we have 47 languages spoken across the student body. Our teaching staff hail from 15 different countries.

Kista, MasterChef Cookalong
IES Kista, Lilla Nobelpriset competitors

We are proud to announce that IES Kista will be expanding once again in the 2017 – 2018 academic year. We continue to be the school of choice in the greater community with students from 12 different municipalities enrolled. The majority of our students come from Kista, Spånga, Skärholmen, Sollentuna and Järfälla. Demand for places at our school continues to increase and as of today we have over 4500 students waiting for a place, with 1500 new applicants joining in the last 10 months. For this reason, in August 2017, we have decided to expand the school from 25 classes and 770 students to 30 classes and 900 students.

IES Kista, MasterChef Cookalong

Our diverse staff reflects global excellence. With the expansion of our school community, we will be recruiting experienced teachers to join our diverse team of Swedish and international staff from 15 different countries. Our global recruitment drive intends to attract 16 new members of staff.




From the Principal

MasterChef Cookalong at IES Kista

Yesterday, on the 23rd of January, IES Kista had the honour of being visited by Sandra Mastio, the 2015 winner of Swedish MasterChef. Along with selected students from grade 8, she cooked a meal that combined healthy with popular: fish and tacos. Our school had specifically been chosen due to our MSC certified kitchen. MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council, which is an organization that makes sure that the fish we serve at our school is sustainable.

Mr Florén,representing Chartwells , Ms Mastio representing MSC Sweden and Principal McGowan

The lunch was a great success, the students loved it. The 8th graders that got to cook the meal, following Ms. Mastio’s recipe, also enjoyed and appreciated their time in the Home Economics kitchen. The cookalong was supervised by Mr. Brunelle, our Home Economics teacher, and Ms. Mastio herself. We also had visitors from the Swedish MSC office, that had come to IES Kista to attend the cookalong.

The students worked on their preparations from 9:00 and were done cooking by 12:30. They left the kitchen, after having cleaned it thoroughly, about an hour later.

Grade 8 students ready to cook

We would like to thank Ms. Mastio for coming to us, all the way from Malmö, as well as the representatives from MSC Sweden and Chartwells of the Compass Group.


From the Principal

Riksdag Politician Visits IES Kista

On Friday 23 September, Internationella Engelska Skolan was pleased to welcome Riksdag Politician Maria Stockhaus. 

Since opening in August 2015, IES Kista has established a strong reputation as a school, creating a calm and safe environment where students can enjoy coming to school and focus upon their academic progress. 

Ms Stockhaus, in her role as a parliamentarian, wanted to see first-hand the work being done at IES Kista, and spent the morning visiting lessons and speaking to students about their experience at the school. 

Throughout the course of the morning, Ms Stockhaus met students from all six grades at the school, observing lessons such as English, PE and Woodwork. She also had a chef’s tour of the school restaurant, and finished the day by taking part in a DNA science experiment with our grade 9 students.

From the Principal

IES Kista Hosts the Annual Principals Quality Conference


On Thursday 8th and Friday 9th September, IES Kista was honoured to host Internationella Engelska Skolan’s annual Principals Quality Conference. The event focused upon the organisation’s ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving the already high standards it sets across all areas, creating an environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.

Principal McGowan and Mrs Barbara Bergström

Principals and academic representatives from all thirty-three IES schools attended the conference, including IES Södermalm Gymnasiet and IES Breckland in the UK, in what proved to be an incredibly successful, productive and inspiring two-day event.

School prefects, Anwar and Kamron, welcoming Mrs Barbara Bergström

The school was honoured on Day One to receive a visit from the founder of Internationella Engelska Skolan Mrs Barbara Bergström and her husband Dr Hans Bergström, who were greeted on arrival by our grade 9 prefects. Following a tour of our newly-expanded school for all delegates, the conference was officially opened with addresses by Mrs Bergström and the CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, Mr Ralph Riber.

It is an honour for IES Kista to host such a prestigious event, and a testament to the high levels of ambition and achievement demonstrated by everyone at the school. I am incredibly proud of the efforts made by our staff and, most of all, our students, who conducted themselves with the conscientiousness and maturity that we have come to expect.

From the Principal

Welcome to the start of the 2016-17 academic year at Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista.

Welcome to the start of the 2016-17 academic year at Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista.

Welcome to the start of the 2016-17 academic year at Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista. I hope that all of our students have had a fantastic summer break and feel excited about the prospect of the new school year ahead.  

This has been a busy and exciting summer for everyone at IES Kista as we endeavour to build upon and exceed the high standards we have set since the school opened in September 2015. We are committed to providing an outstanding student experience for everyone at the school and, following the success of our first full academic year, we have been working hard to further improve and expand the school. 

With this in mind, we are delighted to say that IES Kista is now a five-parallel school in grades four to seven, with around 790 students in total, and we will continue to grow over the coming years. As a key component in this expansion, we have opened a new wing of the school which includes a series of specialist teaching rooms, a second gym hall, and a second playground equipped with football, basketball and table tennis facilities. 

After a highly successful recruitment period, we are also very happy to welcome to our team the new qualified teachers who will be working across our academic departments, including an additional ten qualified teachers joining the Swedish department. I am certain that together with the team already in place, their enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to teaching will undoubtedly make a positive and significant contribution to the experience of our students. 

When we opened our gates on Monday morning, both our new and returning students entered a school that they have every right to feel extremely proud of. One of the founding principles of IES Kista is that everyone enjoys coming to school, and I hope that you will join us in wishing every single one of our students a thoroughly enjoyable, inspiring and successful year ahead.





From the Principal

Exciting times ahead for IES Kista

We’ve just completed a fantastic first year with the largest start up in the organisation. Demand for places at IES Kista continues to increase and as of today we have 2998 students waiting for a place at IES Kista. For this reason, in August 2016, we have decided to expand the school from 18 classes, 550 students to 25 classes, 750 students.  

In order to accommodate all of the students we will be moving into the ground floor on the other side of our building where will have 10 new classrooms, 2 art rooms, 2 textile rooms. We will also have an additional playground which will include a large football court, a basketball court, outdoor table tennis tables, trampolines and gymnastic bars.

The existing building will have a new library and 4 science labs, 2 wood work rooms. We are also in the process of converting an existing auditorium into our second gym hall. All classrooms and group rooms will be fully equipped with projectors, screens and sound systems. The learning centre is also expanding.

We have completed our recruitment for the next academic year and are pleased to advise that we now have ten qualified Swedish teachers with lärarelegitamition on our team.  

We have additional teachers in every other department as well.

We have also increased our Student Care and Development Team. We have employed three special teachers who will be focusing on Mathematics, English and Swedish and we have an additional counsellor and nurse. We also have a career counsellor and have extended support on the playgrounds and recreational areas with a new member of the Student Development team who will focus on these areas.  




Principal McGowan

From the Principal

Lilla Kista Melodifestivalen

Lilla Kista Melodifestivalen

Our Excellent Host Joline: Interviewing jury member Richard Taylor from Eurovision Ireland and EuroVoix

What a pleasure it was to attend the Lilla Kista Melodifestivalen on Friday 11th March.

A huge thank you has to go to each member of staff and students who made the show possible. Never before have I seen such a joyous occasion take place in the school, with students bringing in home-made banners to cheer on their friends and a show as slick in production as the real thing. The warmth each act received from the audience was telling of the great atmosphere we have within our school combined with the huge culture of Melodifestivalen that is such a big deal here in Sweden. Everybody left with a smile on their face after a great show.

I thought the winning act was fantastic. I am looking forward to their future performances both for our older students in April, but also performing live at the Eurovision Village in Kungsträgården. With the Eurovision Song Contest coming to Stockholm what a wonderful chance it is for our new school to be a part of the festivities.

Maybe some of our school stars will become the stars of the future? Only time will tell of course, but by providing opportunities like this we are able to kick start those possibilities for all our students. It's not only those on stage that might make it big, our technical team for the show doing all the lights and sounds were all excellent students who followed their prompts with brilliant precision. Yes the atmosphere in the Auditorium was brilliant, but what made me even more proud was to see how every decision through the ninety-minute show was being made by our own students. That was a pleasure, and you could really see how educational this entire experience was.

Energetic Emily: With her troupe of dancers on stageEnergetic Emily: With her troupe of dancers on stageIn just over one month we have the next round of the competition, where our Year 6, 7 and 8 students will compete singing songs in German, French or Spanish, raising the difficulty level. However we still have a huge list of singers wanting to take part in the big party, and I for one can not wait for the next episode.