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From the Principal

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Everyone is a Scientist!

Dear IES families,

Science, like all processes, is fluid, dynamic, and changing. Having said that, it is also true that science has some constants that serve as its foundation. The foundations of science include a respect for past learning, a systematic approach to new learning, honesty, curiosity, and accuracy.

Sharpening Young Minds in Modern Foreign Languages

With the start of every school year at IES Kista, we proudly welcome our Year 6 students to their first Modern Foreign Language lessons. This year, we have 92 new learners taking Spanish, 45 students beginning to learn French, and 16 children eager to speak German.

Welcome to the World of English

The English department is looking forward to a new exciting school year with great students, parents, teachers and staff at IES Kista.

The committed teachers in our department are Ms. Logan and Ms. Tlailane from South Africa, Mr. Forrestel and Mr. Skonseng from the USA, Mr. Zawadzki from Canada and Mr. Schwarz from Germany.

Welcome from the Swedish Department

The Swedish Department has grown during the summer-break to become the biggest department at IES Kista with 9 devoted teachers and over sixty years of accumulated experience we are looking forward to working with this years students!

The Swedish Department consists of Ms. Eckart, Ms. Elenius, Ms. Dib, Ms. Hallerdal, Ms. Liljestig, Ms. Lucas, Mr. Olsson, Ms. Sundin, förstelärare and Mr. Strålin. We are all eager to start the term, we are all excited to dig in to this year's new challenges and we are all from Sweden.

We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
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