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Riksdag with year 9

Two weeks ago the students from year 9 (all of them) got invited to visited the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)

3 parliament leaders showed the groups around and it was a great success. 

Anders Österberg visits IES Kista

"IES Kista had the honour of having Anders Österberg, a member of the Swedish Parliament visit our school and talk with our year 9s. 

We are very grateful that he took the time to speak and meet with our students." 

Anders Österberg with some year 9 students and SO Head of Department Ms Andrén

What's been happening in Junior Club?

Junior Club start the year with the Memory Book Challenge, where they created a beautiful scrapbook of their holidays.  They learned how to dribble, pass and shoot basketball.  Made a winter diorama, decorate bottles, make name signs in woodwork, memo board and beanie hats.  Played Ludo and Bingo.  Make catapults and had catapult wars. Designed and made curtains. 

scrapbook of their holidays
decorating bottles
Designed and made curtains

Made catapults and had a catapult war
Name signs
Memo board
Winter diorama
Playing Ludo and basketball

Crazy hat and hair day

What a great way to celebrate a Friday than to have a crazy hat and hair day.

Our event was held on February 8 for students and staff in the hope to foster a positive environment and just be fun!

As evident in the photos, the spirit was upbeat and energetic throughout the day.