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Läsårsdata 2020/2021

White Blossom Tree in the central courtyard at IES Kista

Höstterminen 2020
Terminstart - 19e Augusti
Studiedag - 8e September (Ingen Junior Club) 
Digitalt utvecklingsamtal - 22 & 23 Oktober (skolan är stängd båda dagarna)
Höstlov - vecka 44 - 26e Oktober- 1a November
Jullov - 21a December 2020 - 11e Januari 2021

Vårterminen 2021
Terminstart - 12e Januari
Sportlov - vecka 9 - 1a Februari - 7e Februari
Påsklov - vecka 13 - 2a April - 11e April
1a Maj (Röd dag)
Kristi Himmelsfärd - 13e - 14e Maj
Avslutning - 11e Juni

Team Kista Talk: Longterm Memory

Team Kista Talk: Longterm Memory

Your longterm memory is organised in two big sections: Explicit memory (things you know that you know) and Implicit memory (things you automatically know). But what does this have to do with learning?

In this week's Team Kista Talk, Mr Östling Huhta wraps up our exploration of working memory and longterm memory, and reminds us why this is an important topic to understand.

You can watch the video here.

Team Kista Talk: Consolidation

Team Kista Talk: Consolidation

Why do your teachers make you do similar tasks over and over? What is the point of homework? It's all about consolidation!

In this week's Team Kista Talk, Mr Östling Huhta recaps what we have learned so far, and consolidates this knowledge with a new vocabulary word: consolidation.

Click here to watch the video.